Monday, January 4, 2016

Windmill Farm Classes and 2016 New Year's Remodel Projects

The classes we host here at Windmill Farm has become part of who we are - having fun learning something new, using products many times grown right here on the farm; or expanding skills.
As I start organizing our calendars for planting the fields, etc, I always pencil in potential monthly classes.  I would love to hear from you what you would like us to provide.  In the past, we have given classes on baking, canning always in the summer,chalk writing classes were a big hit,  knitting, upholstery, gardening, chicken raising, soap making, flower arranging, bee keeping, wreath making, health, nutrition, drying fruit.  There have been others but can't remember them all.  Please take the time to write a comment of any class you would like us to repeat or a new skill class.
I knitted several items for the grand kids and friends before Christmas and right now, I am working on a pair of fingerless mitten for Collin, my grandson.  While here at Christmas, I knitted a pair for Carli, my granddaughter but not Collin as I thought he wouldn't be interested.  He loved them so I let him pick out his own yarn and they are a project in process.

I crocheted a friendship bracelet for a friend of mine who loved them so much, she wanted to know if I would make another one, bigger for her little dog Daisy to be used as a fancy collar.  I also had crocheted some balls for the dogs using left over cotton yarn.  I did another one for her dog and gave both the collars and ball to her yesterday.  These photos are from my friend.  She said Daisy hasn't given up the ball yet and takes it to her bed with her.

Maybe a new career!!!  Making dog collars and balls.
The rain has started and due to continue for about a week.  Frank and I have been working towards taking each and every room in the house and revamping it, fixing anything that is wrong; cleaning thoroughly, remodeling if it needs remodeling.  Since we can't work in the gardens outside, we take on inside projects.

Our next room to work on is the hall bath.  It was remodeled a couple of years ago, but the wallpaper I put on myself is starting to pull up at the seams.  It is damask print and I love it, but probably not the smarted application for the bathroom, next to the shower.

I can glue it down but I think the real issue is, Frank doesn't particularly like it. Since it is the bathroom he uses the most, I am willing to make the change.  The plan is to take down the towel rack, shower curtain, rugs, pictures any decorations I have put in the room.  Then I will remove the wallpaper, hopefully it will just peel off since I did prime the wall prior to wallpapering. I want the room to be done in a Venetian plaster or a plastered look wall.  I love that look, so soft  I will take photos as I go along and share with you in future posts.
When I am finished with the painting or plastering, Frank is going to re-grout the marble tiles on the floor and in the shower.  We rushed getting this bathroom done when we first remodeled it about 3 years ago.  And the grout needs to be done again to fill in gaps and then we are planning on sealing it to keep it clean.
The final revamping is to clean everything that goes back up on the walls and on the counter.  We live in the country with lots of dust from tractors, disking fields all over this county.  Everything has dust even if you happen to be a clean nick who dusts every day!!! Then we will do some paint touch up on the nicks on the baseboards and on the cabinet that stores some of Frank cloths and the dirty laundry bin.  Frank has highlighted those areas with blue bits of tape.  Maybe even a new shower curtain.  We would love to have a seamless glass shower door but they are very expensive, in the thousands and we just don't have the funds to do that.  Maybe someday!

I hope you follow along in the revamping process of the hall bathroom and please, do let me know your thoughts of any classes you might be interested in attending or just suggestions.  Would love to hear back from you.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season and we are all starting out in our 2016 New Year together.

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