Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Morning here at Windmill Farm.  Santa came for the grand kids in a big Star Wars way,   Even remembered to bring new John Deere Gator seats for Frank. Funny thing, they arrived on the porch a few days before Christmas.  Frank knew what they were and said to go ahead and wrap with garbage bags so he can open Christmas Day.  (He didn't want to waste wrapping paper because they were so large). You will see them stacked on top of each other in the one photo.  When he opened them up, he said they were damaged.  I looked at them and thought, OMG, how horrible, they are really damaged with slits in the upholstery and fading!!!  Then I looked around and saw the joke was on me, everyone knew he had already installed the new seats the day they arrived and put the old Gator seats in the boxes and re-taped them up.
I knitted a few things, always like to get my Grandma gifts in there.  The hoot owl is a tablet holder.

 These little guys are hedgehogs.  It didn't take long for the dogs to think they were toys for them.
 We got Carli a robot for Christmas, was put together like the old rector sets with metal pieces, screws and bolts,  instead of those plastic Lego pieces.  It lights up and moves by voice commands.  And even dances on demand, really cute.

 This is it walking with eyes lighted up.
 Christmas morning excitement and surprises are still the best feeling anyone can have..
 This is actually what I made the dogs for Christmas, not the hedgehogs.
Wonderful time with the family, great food, lots of fudge using my mother's recipe that we all remember.  We are so blessed.

Frank and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the New Year celebrations.  Talk to you in 2016, lots of changes happening here at the farm after the New Year and hope to share them with you. Come back soon.

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