Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Reflecting in 2017, I wanted to highlight a few flower arrangements, bouquets, special occasion flowers for January, February, March.  My next post will have the same, but for April, May, June and so on.  Hope you enjoy, love the flowers and be inspired to tell your friends to think about us here at Windmill Farm for any flower needs in 2018.  My style, the flowers we grow reflect arrangments "picked fresh flowers from a country garden" which is exactly what we are and do for our customers.
Special Valentines Arrangements

More Valentines Arrangments


A Wedding With Bridesmaids & Flower Girls

 Table Arrangments

Another Wedding-Same week wanted Same flowers

Come back next week and I will highlight more flowers from 2017.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


I have written 3 different blogs in the last few weeks.  I would write them and then work on the photos to finish and publish.  
But then I would get distracted with all the holiday business, cooking,
fun with family and they never got done.  Then time- passed which made the posts not so relevant.  Doesn't time just fly by way too fast?

My topics before Christmas were:
Re CAP of the Three Holiday Wreath Making Classes-Fun Fun

Keeping Tradition Alive

Reflections of 2017
The posts were interesting, I thought. Fun; a little educational, a window into what we do here at Windmill Farm.
I just ran out of time.

I guess that is a hard lesson to learn in life, there is never enough time; time slips by too quickly; TIMING is everything.
Well all of these bits of wisdom from me, great fun and photos of our holiday classes and reflections aren't totally lost.  If interested, you can go to my Instagram account here; you can go to my Facebook page here for Paula Carli and here for Windmill Farm.

Reflecting always makes me want to make new plans, with new hopes and dreams for the future of our Windmill Farm.

Classes I am planning and preparing to give in 2018: Making your own cutting boards in Frank's shop; Painting personalized signs on old barnwood; Teaching people how to wallpaper; To Stencil walls; To make Cat and Dog beds for your pets; Another Indigo Dying Class; Canning and Preserving classes with home grown produce; Flower Arranging Classes; Flower Growing classes; Rug Making Classes; Knitting/Crocheting Classes; Cooking Classes; Chicken Raising Classes; Upholstery slipcover Class; To Have A Farm Tour Day; A Pie Making Class.
And many others to come.
Frank and I are so THANKFUL for you, the people who want to learn and hear about what we are doing on our farm.  
We are THANKFUL to be still healthy and strong enough to continue to farm since we are both seniors. 

We are THANKFUL to have a loving and supportive family.  

There is so much to be THANKFUL for, how about you? Love to hear from you about what you have planned for 2018.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from Frank and I here at our WINDMILL FARM.