Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trends of Flower Arrangements-Going More Natural

Nature has moved center stage in all of our lives.  Our home decorating choices reflect more earth tones of colors; natural grass, hemp, rugs; rice paper wallpapers; wood coffee tables; lamps made from branches.
Kitchens are reflecting lamp shades made of woven branches or reeds; bamboo flooring; wooden blinds; wood beaded chandeliers; candlesticks made from shells, burled knots.
I have seen nature take center stage in flower arrangements too, especially those done by independent florists; flower farm florists; florists that are using more local products that are grown fresh at the time of the event. Those natural products dictate the outcome of each item made and dictate the final result so that many of the floral designs look like they were plucked right out of the flower beds where they were growing.
People aren't asking for flower arrangements that they pick from a folder on a counter where every single arrangement selected will look what is seen in a plastic photo.  Those arrangements look nice, but "fake", unrealistic.
Baby's Breath has been replaced to people wanting Queen Anne's Lace.

Roses are forever in arrangements, but have been replaced with people wanting old fashioned cabbage type
roses; roses with scents; (David Austin Roses); rambling roses; small roses hanging down off of string cascading from a ceiling or coming out of a bride's bouquet.  Something like you would see blooming in an arbor or hanging off country garden shed. Natural looking.
Arrangements may have pheasant feathers; pods; Magnolia leaves; Magnolia seed pods; ivy; soft flowing vines; fountain grass blooms; the silver of dusty miller; succulents;
the textural softness of lamb's ear.  These are items seen in nature, but rarely seen in a commercial, look at a photo picture.
Another trend in floral design done more by independent florists or farm florists is using vegetables and fruit-produce within an arrangement.
Who would ever believe that putting roses together with purple cabbage and turnips could be so beautiful.
I saw a wedding photo of  hydrangeas hanging from the ceiling creating a chandelier of flowers.  Simply Beautiful.
It is my opinion if flowers are selected as to what is grown in your area, are growing at the time when you need them for an arrangement or event; NOT selected from a book of what it is going to look like when finished; then the florist uses his/her imagination, talents, training to produce something far more unique and spectacular.
All flowers are beautiful, they just need the right people to put them together to make them PERFECT for you.
(Some photos are via Pinterest or mine)

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