Monday, January 11, 2016

Remodeling Hall Bathroom - Again!

From Fixer Upper B&B
We have been hit hard with chest colds and have been under the weather for almost 2 weeks.  It is like we lost so many days with things that needed done around the farm.  It is a nasty business, maybe we should have gone to the doctor.  It would have been cheaper since I have made 3 trips to the local Rite Aid buying everything you can imagine to make our suffering easier.
Today is day 14 of it and at least we both are up, dressed and talking.  Well I am trying to talk, because I have lost my voice about 4 days ago, I believe from so much coughing.  We may be on the mends because we are talking about needing to go to Home Depot to get some necessary supplies to work on the remodel of the bathroom.
Have you been watching the new HGTV show Fixer Upper??  I love that Gaines family.  Joanna Gaines used this cement tile in their new B&B,where they fixed up an old house and put the tile in two bathroom areas.  I am crazy for it myself.
 I had wanted something above my range between the top of the stove to the bottom of the range hood.  We were going to use stainless steel so it would be easy to clean, but now I want to use this black and white cement, mosaic looking tile.  
In fact, I would love it in our hall bathroom if the marble tiles weren't done only a few years ago.  I have black, white and aqua blue in that bathroom so those tiles would be perfect, but a real waste of money at this time.  So the black splash in the kitchen will have to be it for now.
I have taken down the old wallpaper in the hall bath and decided to do the wall above the tile in Venetian plaster.  That is on our list to buy it so maybe in a few days when I am better, I will tackle applying it.  I always feel that you should try a paint color you want or wallpaper you want, don't stress about it.  Everything can be changed or un-done.  Repainting is so cheap to a different color.  Wallpaper is a bit pricey but it can be changed too.  Don't live with something you hate, change it!
If I hate the Venetian plaster, the next application I want to try is old world plaster, the kind that was done on Italian walls.  It is a soft, flat white look that is very appealing to me, so that would be Plan B if the Venetian plaster walls turn out not to my liking.
Outside, the fields are sleeping; my gardens are covered in leaves resting, but the fruit trees need pruning.  Maybe in a few days Frank and I will have our strength back and be heading outside.
Hope you all have managed not to be sick-take care.


Wilfred Andrews said...

I have watched the show Fixer Upper, and I love their style, but perhaps I would say that you are doing a great job too. The tiling in your bathroom looks amazing. Good luck with the renovations, and I look forward to seeing what comes up next.

Thanks for sharing!

Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating

Essie Reed said...

I love your ideas for remodeling your bathroom. The room looks elegant and quaint. I also love the mosaic tile idea for your kitchen. Mosaic adds style and class, and I've used something similar in the tiling on bathroom walls. It really gave everything an updated look. Good luck on your renovations!

Lovella Cushman said...

Oh, I just love what you have done to your hall bathroom. What a beautiful and relaxing room. I love the tiles! We've recently renovated our family bathroom, but we got our local plumbing firm in to install the shower and bath for us. We did all of the tiling though. Everyone deserves a beautiful bathroom.