Monday, January 18, 2016

Thank You Field To Vase For Hosting Our Windmill Farm Flower Articles

Just a quick note to let you know that our Windmill Farm's winter blog article has been posted on the Field To Vase website. Check it out:
If you have never been to that website, it is worth taking a few minutes of your time to be inspired.
The Contributor's list at the top will take you to links to some of the most fabulous flower farms,
flower shops or wedding designers you have ever seen.  Each contributor gives a brief introduction about their farming "story" and also links up to their farm telephone numbers and websites.
We have had the privilege to write for the website for a couple of years about flower farming and the flower business, at least from our point of view as a small Northern California farmer.  The growing notion for people to buy fresh flowers directly from local flower farmers has taken off and I am happy to say that the founder, Farmgirl Flowers in SF who started Field To Vase, has been instrumental in spreading the word and educating people.
This is the time of year farmers are planning, designing their fields, buying seeds, bulbs, plants, tending their hoop houses to insure customers will have the freshest and most beautiful plants.  
It is our wish, that you will think about our farm for wholesale flowers; floral classes; bouquets; flowers for small events; flowers for small weddings in 2016.  We will continue with our vegetables and have fruits from our extensive orchards this year also.
If you don't live in the Northern California area, then check out Field To Vase contributors to see who is farming flowers in your local area, across the USA.
Windmill Farm thanks again, Kendra at Field To Vase for hosting our articles and supporting our flower, fruit and vegetable farm.
Frank & Paula Carli

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