Monday, June 29, 2015

FUN Chalkboard Art/Writing Classes At Windmill Farm - Part 1

Classes here at Windmill Farm just are so much fun.  Each one we learn something, understand the needs of the people who teach and the people who attend.  You might have to talk to someone who attended to get their point of view, but from our point of view we think they are pretty fabulous!!!
Our subject:  Learn to do Chalkboard Art/Writing.  Theme:  4th of July coming, let's use that idea.
Instructor Andrea Bradley, owner of Mockingbird Studios gave us Wednesday, June 24th as the date.  I put the information out there on Facebook; my blog here; and my farm site I use
Within 3 days, that class was full.  Andrea gave us the next day, Thursday, June 25th as a date for another class.  When we spoke we decided that if not enough people signed up, to make it worth her while to drive clear from Grass Valley, we would cancel and think about a fall date.
Within 4 days, that Thursday class was full and I had a waiting list!!!!  Because I have so many interesting and fun photos to show you, I am going to show you all the prep work and set up photos first.  On Friday, I will add another post showing the people who attended and their final art work on the mason jar chalkboards.
Frank cut out large mason jars out of wood and I painted them with chalkboard paint.  He also cut out cute rectangle marque type chalk boards that we decided to sell at the class if anyone wanted to use it as a gift or take home for themselves.
My daughter Celli made darling banners to hang up around the room.
Andrea cut out mason jar shapes out of paper and wrote sayings and pictures to provide inspiration and we hung them from the banners.
I moved all the furniture in the front room out and brought in 3 fold up tables; used 3 of my own tables;
provided a worktable for Instructor Andrea at the front of the fireplace.
We rolled out black construction chalk paper on the tables so people could practices writing and drawing with chalk, while Andrea was giving instruction.
Mason Jar Chalkboards, rulers, chalk sharpeners, Qtips, water, rags, all kinds of chalk were placed at each table and each person could take their supplies home with them.
And then we had food.
Celli had made me this darling drink container with our farm logo on it, I used it for Iced Tea.  We had fruits, a pasta salad, nuts, cookies and even used black paper plates in case someone wanted to chalk write on them!!!
I put bottled water inside an old suitcase, just for fun.
 Come back on Friday to see more photos of the classes.  We took pictures of people's chalkboards as they left with their big grins.  I think what was really fun, was people came with their friends; we had mother/daughter groups; and we had a teenager who came on her own, dropped off by her mother. All ages loving doing crafts together, learning something new.  See you Friday!

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