Friday, July 3, 2015

Windmill Farm Chalkboard Class-Part 2

Thanks for coming back to Part 2 of our chalkboard art/writing classes.  Since my last post of Part 1, we picked, washed, sorted and packed another week of our CSA-Community Supportive Agriculture baskets.  It was so darn hot here in Gridley, I was picking cucumbers at 9:30 pm.  A few times I was afraid of sticking my hands into the plants because I really couldn't see what was there.  All those years living in Nevada City training to beware of rattlesnakes in cool, dark places.
The chalkboard art classes, as I mentioned before, were so much fun for everyone, but not without a lot of preparation work.  This process is what we normally do here at Windmill Farm to put on our classes.  Most times, they are outside in our outdoor kitchen or sorting shed.  This time, it was inside the house so it took more furniture prep.
Re-cap:  I set the dates with instructor, Andrea Bradley; started advertising; kept records of people who stated they were coming; Frank cut out all the chalkboards, I painted them with chalk paint, several times!!
Moved all the furniture in the front room the day before the classes; Celli, my daughter came with the grandkids and helped me set up the room; she made banners and hung them around the room; we prepared the food/snacks/drinks. Set up black paper on tables for people to use to practice while Andrea giving instruction during class. Interesting side note, I ran out of chalk paper for the class on Thursday.  I ordered another roll on and it came at 3:00pm on Thursday!!!  Staples and Michael's did not have it locally.
We placed chalkboard, rulers, chalk, sharpeners, Q tips, water, rags at each table for people to use.
Andrea arrived with all her wonderful chalkboard examples; a presentation board and we hung up all her suggested artwork to inspire.
We used the theme, 4th of July-Americana.  The chalkboard Mason jars had red/white/blue ribbon on them; Q tips were red/white blue!!! Banners were red, white, blue also.
Andrea moved a few things around on her display and presentation table because she is left handed and it worked better for her.  Off she went with her terrific examples of writing, tips and artwork.  At the end of the class some of the gals had their pictures taken with their finished work.


Sorry, I am not good at placing photos on my blog.  On my to do list to learn more about in 2015.  but you get the idea, lots of fun by people and they all went home with great chalkboards.  Also wanted to mention to the Wednesday group, I will post photos of their finished projects next week.  These photos I took with my phone, Wednesday's photos were taken by my daughter, Celli's phone so I need to get those pictures.
Thank you all for attending the class; thank you for coming and learning about what it took to put these 2 classes together; thank you goes to my wonderful daughter Celli for making all those adorable banners; helping me set up and make the food.  And a general support to me as I was getting a little worried about it all Wednesday afternoon!  And last but not least, a big thank you goes to our chalkboard artist extraordinaire-Andrea Bradley for teaching the class.  We are hoping to put another one one in early winter.  If interested, doesn't hurt to email or FB me early as I am sure that class will fill up quickly as these 2 classes did.

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