Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our CSA Basket; Chalkboard Classes; A Farmer's Week

We have had a very busy week here at the farm.  Bad enough that it has been high 90s-over 100 degrees for so many days, it is just too darn hot to be outside!!!  Some of the highlights of this week at Windmill Farm:
Put shade cloth over the peppers, they were getting burn spots.
Planted more glad bulbs for late summer cuttings
We picked, sorted, packed our Community Supportive Ag member's boxes and delivered them

Frank cut out all the chalkboards for our up coming classes, Wednesday, June 24th and Thursday, June 25th. I painted them all with chalk paint, 3 times one side, 2 times other side. Our classes are full!!!

Three of my old hen stock died in the last 10 days, this heat is really hard on them.  They were all over 8 years old, makes me feel very sad.
I have had a sprinkler in their yard; sprinkler on top of the hen house, windows open but too much stress with the heat.  Egg production in general is down-no body and nothing likes to work when it get so hot.
Wind blew my shade cloth off the peppers, put it all back.
Burned the seed openings in the weed cloth and planted 3-200 foot rows of pumpkins to be harvested for fall.  One section caught the drip tape on fire and burned a 5 foot section of the cloth.  Now we have to repair the drip tape before we can start watering.  I can not be trusted with a propane torch.
Weeded all the watermelon and cantaloupe rows.
Turned compost piles
Baby sat our daughter's dog.
My quarterly flower growing article was featured in the Field To Vase blog. Check it out!
Took all the furniture out of front room and set up tables and chairs for upcoming chalkboard art/writing class.
Noticed how dirty my white slip-covered couch and chair were in the front room, washed all the slipcovers.
Noticed how dirty my front windows were in the front room, washed the windows.
Noticed how dusty the wooden floors were in the front room, washed the floors.
Noticed how dusty all the cabinets and surfaces were in the front room, dusted.
Frank took whole house fan cover down, washed it, vacuumed blades and tightened motor down.
Frank vacuumed air vents into the commercial refrigerator.
Cleaned out fruit/veggie cooler.
Propped up tree limbs getting heavy with peaches.We cut and dried trays of apricots.
Mowed back field and lawns.
Cut flowers this AM to make into arrangements used as door prizes for classes.  And cut flowers for a customer bouquet of only white flowers.
Ever thought about being a farmer of a small farm??  One that can't afford to hire help?  Well, this is a pretty much normal week, work.  But Frank and I wouldn't do anything else, other than take an occasional trip in our trailer!!!

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