Friday, December 12, 2014

Upholstering An Old French Chair

My Christmas tree and inside the holiday house decorations are done.  I have wrapped the presents and the outside lights and decorations are done.  It is raining and I still have on my list of items to finish on my "To-Do List" for 2014 is to upholster a chair I purchased at a yard sale for $10.00.  It has been sitting in my garage and I remembered it when Frank pulled down the Christmas items from the garage rafters.  It needs to be done and out of there.
First thing I did was paint it white.  Half way through I didn't like it white so I "washed" the white with some blue paint, I thought the chair looked a little French, which I like and blue brought out the wood details.
The upholstery was already gone and this burlap lining was left.  I did like it the way it was, but Frank thought it looked too too primitive.
I went to a fabric store and found the  perfect fabric to go with the color of the painted chair.
Started stapling and tacking all around with the new fabric.
Even did the arm rest which was already padded.
It was now ready for the trim.  Gosh, did I have sticker shock when I went to purchase the trim, needed about 8 yards at $3.99 a yard at the local fabric store.  I just couldn't justify paying that much, so I decided to stop by a great Upholstery Supply Store in downtown Oroville, called Pond's.  It actually is for auto upholstery, but many items cross over into furniture.  I paid $1.50 a yard for same trim and was very, very happy I tried an upholstery store.  We have gone to Pond's many times for foam, webbing and for upholstery fabric for Frank's 1957 Jeep truck seats he is restoring.  It is hard to find any upholstery stores any more, too bad because I see furniture all the time that would look great if just re-done in a more modern fabric.
The project took a couple of days, off and on working on it. I even put the dust cover cloth underneath, like a real pro and finished it off with felt pieces on the feet so it will slide easily on my wood floors.
 I am happy with the results and happy it is finally crossed off my 2014 list!!! 

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