Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Our two wreath making classes here at Windmill Farm last week went so well, loads of fun and the wreaths people made were each unique, festive and beautiful!!
Will keep my words brief and just show photos.  We had a great variety of all the types of greenery, there was available, eucalyptus, magnolia branches, olive trees, cedar, redwood, noble fir, ivy pods, hydrangeas, pine cones, heavenly bamboo berries, privet berries, sliced wood pieces, rosemary; bows, ribbons, Christmas bulbs, cinnamon sticks.  Anything I thought people may want to decorate their wreaths.
Refreshments were fresh fruit, cookies, hot spiced cider, dips, dried fruits.  Christmas music going, a heated shop, big work tables and our wonderful and talented local wedding florist Lisa Hunter instructed everyone on the basics of making wreaths.


It was so much fun, I have so many more photos of other people will post later as I know you were getting pretty bored looking at them all.  Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you continue to come back in the 2015 season!!


The Slipcover Maker said...

How fun!! Everyone's wreath is sooooo gorgeous! Looks like you had loads of fresh greenery and other natural goodies to create with. Wish I had been there!

Windmill Farm said...

Thanks Karen, wish you could join us too!! Merry Christmas and happy sewing in 2015