Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Flowers, Gardening, Decorating, Classes, Farming In The New 2015 Year

A special thank you to all the people who continue to follow our Windmill Farm blog.  Each year brings new adventures, new challenges, new ideas to explore at our farm and our business.  Here are a few of our thoughts, wishes, ideas, goals for the farm in 2015
FLOWERS-will be at the top of my list to increase, learn more, sell more hopefully!!! They constantly challenge my gardening skills and just learning to pronounce many of their names will be a education for me.  Dahlias are going to be my main focus; adding more pod flowers; having more variety of flowers so that my arrangements will be unique and inspiring to those that receive them; to have flower classes; flower day workshops where people can go to the flower fields, pick and create their own arrangements.
VEGETABLES-to grow and add more unique vegetables to our CSA baskets.  Many of our members have been with us for years so we hope to keep them surprised when they open up their produce baskets in 2015
CLASSES-I feel we have supplied our community with many inspiring and educational classes during the last few years. Some of our faithful friends come to almost every new one we provide.  Frank gave me some new tools to do upholstery work so I want to give some more classes on upholstery in the up coming year.  I have several chairs I want to upholster myself AND to make some slip covers. To start out the year, I am putting together a weight loss informational class.  For myself, that is at the top of my resolutions for 2015.  I thought about having several areas of health and weight loss experts come to speak and give information.  Such as my friend Sarah who does health shakes; Julie who sells Amway products that have a component for weight loss and health; maybe find a Weight Watcher's rep; someone from the gyms in town to come talk about memberships; Yoga teachers, all of these areas that others may find worthwhile to contact on their own.
FARMING:  To try some new ideas about re-arranging our vegetable produce fields to make it easier to bring in the tractor to weed; to try some other water saving ideas; to try some new ways to reduce the time weeding; and I may even see if we can have someone come help me in the garden one day a week.  I had a wonderful and PERFECT young woman last year who happened to attend one of my classes.  She was new to the area but had spent many years working in a CSA farm so knew so much more than myself and was so willing to work as hard as I do too.  That is not easy to find a person who is willing to get on their hands and knees to pull weeds or lift heavy soil or dig; or pick beans in 100 degree weather.  She moved away and I wish I could clone her or at least find someone to help me out in 2015.  If we do, then we may be able to expand our memberships in the CSA business or the flower business.  It isn't easy to do it all, plant, weed, water, pack, wash, deliver produce.  Frank is so helpful to me but he tends all the broken things to do with farming; does all the water developing and maintaining; all the tractor work, all the heavy lifting stuff.  Maybe I need a clone of him!!!
HEALTH AND WELLNESS-luckily Frank and I have maintained our health but we need to do things differently as we are getting older.  But we are also inspired and being asked to teach others about fresh food; buying local; eating right with these new Wellness classes at the school.  After doing a few in 2014 for teachers at various schools, we believe we will be asked to do more of them.  
I hope you make it your wish to continue to be part of what we are doing by "following" us here at the blog or on our Facebook page.  You wouldn't want to miss out would you???
Happy New Year!

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