Friday, May 30, 2014

Flower Business, Produce, New Garden Shed

This has been our delivery week of our CSA baskets.  It actually is such a surprise to me each time we put a box together, how amazing nature is in rewarding us with the gifts of our labors.  This week in the basket, we had carrots, beets, cherries, peaches, apricots, squashes, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, some lettuce, snow peas. And it isn't even June 1st yet!
Our Farm flower membership is doing fine.  Would like more members but I just haven't had time to advertise that much about it.  This week's delivery had bouquets of glads, sweet peas, a few roses, some straw flowers, hydrageas, butterfly bush.  

Most of the flowers I am growing in the back fields are annuals and they haven't started blooming yet anyways.  The hydrageas are georgous, as usual and every color is blooming all around the yard.
Frank is building me a garden shed in the back area to keep tools that we need to use in the vegetable and flower growing areas.  It seemed like every time I needed a certain tool, I had to walk to the old shed closer to the house to get sometime and it was so inconvenient.  "Wish and you shall receive" with my Frank, he really is an incredible builder.  Here is a picture of it about 1/2 way there.  We are using old galv. barn siding we bought from a friend and Frank built me a sliding barn door.  I will take a picture of the finished building on the next blog because I would like your opinion on what color I should paint the door.  We were at Home Depot this week and they were still having their sale on some 12" x 12" concrete pavers for 88cents.  So I bought some and we are going to put a path of the pavers into the shed to make it easier to roll a wheel barrow, etc. and to keep weeds and mud out of shed. And of course, it will look cute!!!
Most important.
The stuff piled on the side are all my tomato and plant stakes that will be put behind the shed for storage. Hope you come back to see the finished shed next time.  From our Windmill Farm!

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Karen Powell Slipcovers said...

Paula, your produce and flowers are amazing!! My mouth is watering. Those gorgeous CSA baskets are sure to inspire some delicious meals. And, I have to say I'm very impressed with the shed Frank is building. Love the metal barn siding turned into roofing -- great idea. --Karen