Saturday, June 7, 2014

So Cute New Garden Shed

Frank can build just about anything, all I have to do is ask.  Problem:  I do most of my day to day farming/gardening work out back past the main house.  We have a garden shed that is near the small orchard/Frank's shop/front yard.  It is cute too, but it didn't start out its' life as a garden shed.
When we purchased the house, the front yard had horses in it owned by the previous owners.  We changed the driveway so it came through that pasture area, but in the middle of it was this 2 sided building where the horses stood out of the sun and rain.  One day Frank said where do you want it and in a frenzied moment, the building was chained to the tractor, peeler posts were put underneath and away it rolled until I said I think it could go "here". And that is where it stayed.  Of course, Frank made it 1000 times cuter.  We got some old windows; sided the rest of the open sides; found some cute old turned posted for the porch; installed a re-claimed sliding barn door rescued from our daughter's neighbor's garage being torn down.  Lastly, we shingled it; put on an antique chicken cupola and some chairs.  Who could want more? 
Well, in my one day casual remark when I said it is so far to go get garden tools when I am in the back gardens.  Frank said well, I can build you a tool shed in the back so you can have just the items you need for back there and keep the other items you need more for the front part of the property.  Gosh knows, I do have a rake fetish.  Whenever I go to a hardware store, I love to look at rakes and brooms.  I truly must have 10 or more rakes.  I have this idea in my head of the perfect, perfect woman's rake.  I always compare it to my all time favorite rake.  The wood on handle wasn't too thick, light weight, perfect strong metal rake part.  I had it for years until one day, a PERSON who I won't name, drove over it with his tractor.  Ever since, I try and find another one just as perfect but have yet to find it.  But I keep trying.
After discussing sizes, shape and location, off Frank went to find inexpensive wood; side it with some old galvanized tin he had purchased from a tear down barn from a friend; concrete floor; and can you believe it??  A skylight.  And of course, I wanted an old barn style sliding door which Frank made the door using scrap wood.
Once he had the building built, I started to think about what would finish it off.  I had the old metal yard chair; and I was at a local big box store and saw these concrete pavers on sale for 88 cents.  They would make a perfect garden path to the shed.  My old horse trough went on the side, some new gravel and Frank built some wooden hooks to hold my many rakes on the inside.
Notice the art work in the shed?  I took a painting class and have decided that the perfect place for this masterpiece is in the shed.  Adding a bit of culture to a rustic shed.  But I like the colors, maybe the door color???
I can't believe how really cute the garden shed has turned out.  I almost hate to put dirty things inside of it!!!  Now, what color to paint the door, any suggestions?  I will post the final painted door in the next blog. Have a great weekend!

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Dirt Lover said...

Oh, how cute! They are both so beautiful, and even more special that your hubby made them for you. A true labor of love. As for the color for the door, I like a deep burgundy. I recently replaced my old, icky, peeling wooden door with a new beautiful natural wooden door and painted the door frame all around it a deep burgundy, and it's such a nice fresh look. So nice to see when I drive up in the driveway.