Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We delivered another round of CSA baskets to our members.  They were pretty full with zucchini, gray squash, small cucumbers, strawberries, kale, onions, carrots, beets, snow peas and fava beans.
Along with delivering the produce, we delivered our fresh country bouquets this week to our new Flower CSA members. 
We only have a few members so far, but are hoping as the word gets out more and more people will join and enjoy receiving a bouquet delivered right to their work or their front door twice a month or once a month. 
Needless to say, we were pretty busy but did get away for Mother's Day to go visit the family and had a wonderful BBQ at the kids house.  The In-law Bakers were there two so it was fun catching up and visiting with the other set of the "parents". 
The Edible Shasta-Butte Magazine will be out soon.  I finished writing the last article for the magazine's special section where they followed our farming life for the 4 seasons.  It sure has been a wonderful experience because Candice and Earl, owners have made it so easy for me to tell our little story of what happens here at Windmill Farm.  It also has been fun meeting some people who contacted us after reading it in the EdibleShasta-Butte magazine.  Two people are now CSA members of our farm and they would not have known about us if it wasn't for the publication.  If you see the photos on their main page, there is one of our little roadside stand.

The wild and crazy thunder and lightening storm that hit a few days ago has us worried as we don't know how much damage the wind and rain had on our "almost ripe" cherries and apricots.  Rain will cause cherries to split and then get mildew inside the cherries.  We did pick the one cherry tree that had the most ripe cherries just because we knew if they stayed on the tree any longer, we might have lost all of them.  Frank and I have decided that this fall we are going to plant 20 new cherry trees.  There is no greater thrill than to have fresh cherries.  And since it is one of the first fruits starting up in the season, people are dying to have something fresh to eat.  I was told that Sam's Club had cherries that were $7 a pound!!!  Good grief you could almost buy steak for that pound price.
Hasn't food prices just been a shock??  I can't believe how much even a pound of ground beef costs.  We used to occasionally have bacon on weekends when the family came to visit.  The last time I went to the grocery store bacon was like $18-$20 for a 2 lb. package.  That is just horrible.  Families really have to become smart buyers to be able to afford these prices.  One good point might be that more people will consider growing their own vegetables this year to help with the cost of food and that would be a great experience for the whole family.
With the rain, now that means lots of weeds in the fields.  So if you don't see a new blog in a few days, that is where I will be!! Weeding.

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