Thursday, January 31, 2013

Windmill Farm Blog Becomes Affiliate of Tractor Supply!!

Winter is normally a slower time for us here at the farm.  But not this winter, seems like we have had activity going on every single day since New Years.
First of all, our Extreme Coupon class was a huge success, thanks to the instructor/s Heather Mauel and our daughter Celli Baker.  I am or should I say, WASN'T an extreme coupon person before.  I was careful about my buying; would check the weekly ads; have a Safeway and Staples reward card, but that was it.  We learned How to shop; where to find coupons; getting organized; timing of sales and promotions; cycles  and basically learning the "lingo". 
I was so surprised to learn that there are "Sale Cycles".  Not just the Superbowl sales, but national sales.  January is oatmeal month so manufacturers have lots of sales on packaged foods.  February is National Canned Food Month and also promotes that seasonal produce.  The list goes on.  Point being that if you want to stock up on canned goods, wait until that month; There is a frozen food month and lots of promotions; sales; coupons for frozen food showing up in magazines, papers, Internet.  I went shopping last week and I saved $30 on a $90 purchased!!! I was so proud of myself.  One point that Heather and Celli made is to set goals for yourself for the money you want to save.  Examples were money saved goes to pay down credit card; to buy something special for the family; taking a family vacation; or just the basics of helping to pay the PG&E bill!!
Second great news this week.  I received an email from  Tractor Supply asking me if our farm would want to be an affiliate for them and to place a banner/button on my blog.  I was very thrilled to say yes,  as we use Tractor Supply products all the time here on the and it is a perfect fit for people who have small farms; or have animals; or need fencing; or tractor/car parts; or looking for clothes that are well made and last!!  They are going to start their Chick Days next month where they have live chicks in the store.  With my new chicken coop, this year I am going to raise my own chicks, I know my grand kids will love to participate in raising them.
So if you have a chance after visiting my blog, please click on the banner at the top of my blog or on the right side of my blog and go look at Tractor Supply.  Thank you for doing that.
Hope you all enjoy this short bit of great weather here in Northern California.  We are out disking the fields and we planted over 20 new fruit trees yesterday.  Farming season has begun here at Windmill Farm.

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