Saturday, January 26, 2013

Coupon Class

We had the best Coupon Class here at Windmill Farm this morning. Heather Mauel was so much fun and inspirational. Her life story about why she started to learn about saving money by couponing was very heartwarming. We all can identify with trying to pay off credit debt; trying to find ways to have enough money to pay the rent and utilities. A testament to her ability to save money; change her spending habits is that they now own a home and a Dutch Bros business and she continues to do couponing every day.
Heather and my daughter Celli were going to take me to CVS to do some coupon shopping to give me a hands on demo, but they both had to get back to their families in Auburn. Next time!!! Thanks again Heather and Celli for driving up last night to do the class.
Frank was a good guy too, he had to be up and out of the house by 8:30 a.m. with our dogs as we needed to keep our main property gate open for the ladies coming to class. He ended up taking a buddy and drove to pick up some new fruit trees we purchased to replace some in our orchard that have died. Tomorrow we will be planting them and with this beautiful Gridley soil and farming weather, we will be picking fruit by the 3rd year.
The comets or stars must be lined up lately for people as Community Supportive Ag (CSA)memberships must be in people's mind. Funny how in one week, I receive 8 emails and telephone calls to obtain information about our farm; or to request to be placed on our CSA membership waiting list. It is very enlightening how more and more people are interested in eating fresh and eating local produce.

Aimee from Aimee's Yarn Shop in Paradise and I have firmed up our knitting class with  February 25th set for an evening class, 6:30-9:00pm.   It will be a Knit Nite where people can choose whether to learn to knit a scarf or fingerless mittens; receive a photo of the item; a pattern; hands on knitting instruction; door prizes; yummy home made baked goodies; bamboo needles and the yarn to complete the project, all for $40.

 After each class we do here at the farm, I always am in such ahhh of the young women who are so excited and motivated to learn.  They want to learn how to improve their baking skills, learn how to do canning, sew, knit, garden, save money, paint furniture, ways to improve their family's lives; have some fun and get back to the basics!!!  Since I am older and we learned these skills from our grandmothers or from school (I learned how to cook and sew in school), it could be an indicator that young women want and need to learn these skills.

Next week on our farm, we will be working the soil to be ready to plant some spring items.  I used to plant earlier but I got tired of loosing half of them to the late frost.  I am cleaning out our greenhouse to get my little plants started.  The cycle of growing is just around the corner.
Annie and Bella always want to be on the other side of the fence!


Becka said...

Hi Paula-
So nice to see all the happenings on your farm.
I think the classes you have been offering are such a wonderful opportunity to teach others.
I had wanted to come to your Coupon Class, but I had already previously agreed to watch the gran-babies while Tonya had a outing for that day.
I have a new gran-baby girl too, Harper, Kristina had her on Dec 22nd.
Keep me posted on your jam classes, I would love to attend.
If there is any time you ever need help with the classes, I am more than happy to help out.
I love your blog 'face-lift' it looks lovely.
We'll be chatting again soon.
Hugs- Becka

Becka said...

p.s. I grabbed your button for my blog... :)

Windmill Farm said...

Thank you Becka, I had wanted to respond to your Girasole Farm get to know other bloggers, but couldn't figure out how to do that. I am not all that good at some of this blogger business. I will grab your button too, I have you on my blogger list, but need to do that. Appreciate your comments. So happy to hear about all your new baby grand kids.