Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Very Special Baby Shower for a Very Special Couple

     Everyone was talking about the Super Bowl on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I was in Auburn helping my daughter put together the biggest baby shower I have ever been involved with in my life!!!  100 people were invited; an old school house/hall was rented and we spent over 7 hours decorating it on Saturday.  Then early Sunday we got there and finished up with flowers, balloons and set up the food.  Many people were helping, cooking, decorating right up to the last minute.   It turned out beautiful and not a dry eye in the place as my daughter's friend, Marlo and her husband told their story of their struggles and heart ache of trying to adopt a baby for over 10 years and never loosing faith, hope or their trust in God.  Their new gift from heaven, baby Phoebe is about the sweetest thing I have ever seen and was asleep during a good part of the shower, in spite of the noise and ladies all ahhhing over her. Congratulations Curt and Marlo!!
     On Facebook I kept seeing links to this Paul Harvey Dodge Ram ad; then I heard some of my farmer friends talking about this fabulous Super Bowl farmer ad, I just had to go see for myself.  Well, everyone was right, it is fabulous and I am attaching this link to it so you can check it out for yourself.  ://
     In the evenings I have been making these adorable knitted brooches to be used as door prizes at my Knit Nite class February 25th.  I know this class will be so much fun and may turn into a regular get together of kindred knitting buddies.  I love making baby sweaters because they knit up so much quicker and the styles are modern, just like big kids or adults would wear.  On this one I made, I put the baby's initial on it when finished.  If interested in learning to knit, give us a call to sign up for the class.
     Frank has just about finished up with the chicken coop, HONESTLY!!!  I was painting out there for 3 days, but today, I fell off the ladder.  I didn't break anything but my side, neck and elbows hurt.  As if that wasn't bad enough, after Frank was sure I was going to live and didn't need to go to the hospital, he said maybe I was getting too old to be up on a ladder to paint!!!  Now that hurt.  He can just finish up painting it himself.  Promise, promise, photos coming, it is just so close, I hate to show it to you without it being just perfect.  Then we put in the chickens and it won't ever be perfect or nice again!!!
     Valentine's Day is coming up and it always reminds me of my Mother who died several years ago.  It makes me sad as that holiday along with Christmas were her very favorites.  During her married life, my father was in the service and gone probably 1/2 of their married life; then the 2nd half of her life she was divorced and single.  Yet she remained a romantic at heart and had such a happy heart.  She would decorate her house AND herself during these occasions with holiday jewelry, loads of pins; or wear red/green; or have sparkle someplace on her cloths.  She especially loved the old fashioned Valentine's cards so here is one for you Mom!!! 


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Becka said...

Hi Paula-
What a lovely baby shower, and such a touching story. Your knitted baby sweater and flowers are just beautiful. I wish I could knit, my terrible hands just won't allow me. Tonya crochets, mostly hats, and has a ETSY shop... take a look

I loved the Farmer commercial, for me it was the highlight of the Superbowl.
Have a lovely day, despite the rain.
♥ Becka