Friday, September 28, 2012

What Happened to September?

September just flew by without one post.  Sometimes it feels like at the end of the day I haven't accomplished a single thing, but I haven't been sitting on my laurels.  I keep an appointment calendar at my desk and almost every box in September has a notation of some kind-pick 2 cases of cucumbers for client; pick strawberries; pull up cucumbers; pick last of watermelon; disk field; water pomegranates; pick 5 cases of tomatoes for customers; CSA delivery; Going camping; Flowers for Birthday client; CSA delivery; Tomato canning class; Cut and bundle corn husks; start building new chicken coop; Peach Jam class; pick apples; doctor sick chicken; visit grandkids and the notes go on and on.  What I really need is a haircut!!
The peach canning class was great fun and I met some incredible new people who are interested in decorating; pinteresting; chalk paint; growing food and of course, canning.  I have so enjoyed teaching canning this year at Windmill Farm and some of the original people who came at the beginning of our season when we pickled beans are still coming and going to attend the applesauce class scheduled for October 3rd.
I saw this morning through Pinterest, a website called She had a recipe for applesauce with fruit blends-blueberry, strawberry and peach.  I had never thought about it before and want to try them.  The color of the jars were beautiful.  I like my applesauce very chunky, so I just mash the cooking apples with a potato masher.
She cooks her red apples with the peels and then uses a chinoise-sieve which mashes the apples keeping the pulp inside. 

This is a picture of my inspiration for my new chicken coop.  Frank has drawn it out and we finally decided on the location. On Wednesday the concrete was poured.  Doesn't look like much now, but I will keep you posted with photos of the progress.
Our 2012 CSA farming season has ended.  We delivered our last basket on September 22nd.  This season my flower arrangments have expanded more into our farming business and I am loving it.  They are very country arrangements that include sometimes basil or mints; I even had miniture pears and apples set into a couple of them that I made this summer, along with all the various flowers.  I already have a list of more flowers to plant in our back fields for next season. I will miss seeing our members and hope they enjoyed the fruits of our labor this year at our Windmill Farm.


Promise to write more often now that the leaves are turning and I won't be watering, pulling weeds, picking, pruning, etc. etc.


farmlady said...

It't a busy time and September has gone by fast. But for someone like you, with so much produce, it all comes at once, doesn't it?. You must be sleeping well at night.
The photo of the new chicken coop looks charming and a concrete floor insures that predatory critters won't sneak into the house at night. These little inclosures have to be built so well because a determined bobcat or fox will get in through the littlest space. It's amazing how cleaver they are.
Hope you survive the rest of the summer. It isn't over yet! Love those applesauce and fruit blends. Beautiful!

Dirt Lover said...

Beautiful applesauce and fruit blends! I'd never thought of that, either, although one of the best ways to eat applesauce is to put canned plums over the top of them, so I guess that's the same idea. Maybe I'll try pomegranate applesauce this year! Your pictures are beautiful.
Do you have any soap classes?