Saturday, August 25, 2012

Met the Mini Farmer Family And Peach Jam Canning Class

What a small community we have here in Gridley.  I had just talked about the cute mini garden/farm yard down the street from our place in the last blog posting.  Frank went to our local Ace Hardware and was talking to a very nice man working there, turned out he and his family live in the house that I was so fond of for their efforts to teach their family about growing their own food yet making it look so beautiful, right in their front yard!!!  He allowed us to take a picture of it although he did say they had been gone on vacation and just got back so garden needing watering. We took the picture and had an opportunity to meet the family.  There is nothing more rewarding than to have other people appreciate all your work and efforts of gardening and we sure think theirs is fantastic.  Thank you Heather and Bill for creating a work of beauty in your front yard AND for teaching your family about growing your own food.
We are giving a Peach Jam Canning class August 29, 2012 from 6:00-8:00pm.  Call to sign up as space is limited in our cool outdoor kitchen.  When the jams are cooking in the canner, I will be showing people how to dry apples, peaches and tomatoes using the sun and in the dehydrator. We have such a terrific crop of tomatoes this year, all types, if you are interested in canning some for sauces, whole or to dry, give us a call at Windmill Farm 846-3344 and we can put a pound in a bag for you or up to cases together for you.

When you have a garden or a small farm, it is very rewarding to put a plant in the ground and then later harvest and eat the rewards of nature.  Putting food away for the winter either by freezing, canning, or drying may be work now but in 3-4 months, it all will be worth it.  With your busy life, if you don't have time for your own garden, buy the produce from the Farmer's Market, check out your local small produce stands in your neighborhood (follow those signs you see on the roads), look at to see what farms are in your area or if traveling, check out what is available in the new city you are visiting.  But most of all, buy fresh, buy from your local farmers if you can.  It will keep agriculture alive and well.
See you at the fair!!


Dirt Lover said...

It all looks yummy! I like to go to the farmer's market each week, but sometimes I have a hard time remembering. It tends to be a little hot where it is now, too. I liked it better downtown in the shade. I used to sit with a friend and people watch. Ah, well.

farmlady said...

Glad you got a chance to tell your neighbors how wonderful their yard looks. That's a very cool idea.
Wish I lived closer to Gidley because I sure would take that canning class. I love peaches and usually make freezer jam but I could use a brush up on my regular canning methods... and I would love to learn how to dehydrate some tomatoes.
Happy Summer...

Windmill Farm said...

Thank you both for your comments. I agree Lori, I sold at the FM in Gridley and it was wonderful in the park, in the shade. Farmlady: I wish you were closer too, would love to have a chance to meet a fello "farm girl". Paula

Anonymous said...

I was at the peach jam class and it was such fun. The group was friendly, the snacks were good and Paula did a great job of presenting the class! I'm looking forward to future classes! Linda