Sunday, April 30, 2017


The living room remodel is just about finished, not quite.  I need a new rug which may take some time to find exactly what I want.  And I have to find my wall paint to touch up some spots.  But the wallpaper over the fireplace turned out so spectacular, I have to share it with you.
See my previous post here to read about some of what we have done in our living room so far and why I fell in love with this black wallpaper.

The paper wasn't supposed to have arrived for another 3 - 4 weeks so I really was surprised to see it on my doorstep on Wednesday.  The instructions suggested I unroll the sheets and put them in the order that you start wallpapering.  

Because I knew I had a few more weeks, I was dragging my feet to get the wall ready.  

That motivated me to hustle it done, so on Thursday I pulled off all the old paper; with help from Frank.

 The ceilings are tall in our house, so he got all the paper along the ceiling and also got a good edge against the crown molding. 

Friday was the wallpapering day.
 I set up my table; tall ladder; my wallpapering tools; Frank provided me with a metal straight edge and some new razor blades.  

I had some wallpaper paste already from a string/light making class I gave which needed to be mixed with water in a gallon container.  Some wet rags were rounded up all of which took an hour or so prior to the actual installation process.

I have to admit I was a little nervous.  Not because of the actual work of wallpapering.  I have had lots of years and many, many walls, ceilings, hallways, etc. experience under my belt.  What made me nervous was that there wouldn't be any extra paper available in case there was a flaw in the match/seam; or if I messed up around the light receptacles or if the paste wasn't working, any number of reasons.  I always order extra wallpaper allowing for errors or mess ups. And lastly, I was nervous because for such a small wall space, this paper was very, very expensive. What if I hated it????
One panel went up; the 2nd panel went up, so far, so good.
The third panel went up, only one minor problem at the top. and then the final panel went up. Done!!!  It took more time to get myself all set up to do the job, than the actual job of papering.

I noticed while I was up on the ladder that I needed to do some touch up of the white paint.  Frank reinstalled the sconces and I believe the wallpaper is going to speak for itself, the mirror I had over mantle won't be going back. 
Usually I live with the new wallpaper or new paint job or new piece of furniture before I decide what needs to be done next.  I look at the room in the early morning sun; in the afternoon; and at night, what lighting is better than other types.  
 Trying out the canvas goose on the mantle.  Not really sure that works.
Tried out the antlers on the mantle.  Not really sure that works either.
For right now, I do believe I will leave it alone, look for the rug, maybe add a few different pillows on the couch and just enjoy the room?
What do you think of the wallpaper?  Love to hear from you.

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