Saturday, August 20, 2016

Anniversary Flowers; Crochet Class A Winner

I was asked to do flowers for a one year anniversary party.  The invitation stated "help us celebrate one year of marriage and 157 years of birthdays".  Isn't that cute?  I love, love stories that happen late in life.  
I do not know Mel, the husband well, but I do know that my friend, the bride, her first husband died several years ago and they had a long and happy life together.  
All the time I knew her, she was a busy, busy single lady working for our local city government and was also Mayor of the town.  She is still busy, but now she has a loving husband to be with her wherever she goes.

She wanted the flowers to look similar to the ones I did for her wedding.  I went back into my photos to see and tried to do similar but even better!!!  

She has been so supportive of our farm from the very beginning when I started and it was a real honor for her to ask me to do the flowers for this one year anniversary.
They were fun to do because she likes all the colors I like too.
You will notice my green chalkboard.  It is an old school one and has a ledge at the bottom for chalk.
I had lost it for almost 6 months and finally located where I last left it at a Wellness/Farmer's Market job.  I am so glad to have it back, it is one of my favorite chalkboards that I use for our produce sales and flowers.
After my flower order, I had a "Learn To Crochet A Granny Square-It Isn't For Grandmas Any Longer"-class.  There is a great deal of preparation to my classes that most people don't even realize.  I have to make sure I have patterns; all the supplies needed like crochet hooks, yarns, instruction materials, comfortable setting; food; good lighting.  There is always a little nervousness just before the class as I want to make sure my students get their money's worth and have a good time too!!!  But what a great group of people that attended, so excited to learn.  

This class, I decided to try and keep everyone at about the same level as we learned how to crochet the first row; then the second row, etc.  I think sometimes if someone has a little more ability or skill, they move ahead faster than the rest.  And some people feel that they may not be capable to do the tasks.  
Almost everyone finished a good sized granny square and by their last round, they weren't even paying attention to the pattern.  As it happens to me, when I teach the classes, I sometimes forget to take photos.  So I only have pictures before anyone arrived.  Boo hoo.  Maybe when a few students finish up their projects, they will send me pictures of their finished work and I will post in another blog.

This year I decided to enter a few of my flowers in our local county fair.  I am almost embarrassed to say I am in case I don't even place.  How can a flower farmer not even win a flower show??? So there it is, it is out there, I will have some of my flowers on display next week.  I hope I can report a 3rd or 2nd place in a couple divisions.  We shall see, it has been so darned hot, everything is really struggling, even the sun flowers have some droop.
I hope you have been having fun in your 2016 summer. Leave comments if you are enjoying the blog.  Love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

We all very much appreciated what you did and its all so healthy and delicious!

The Slipcover Maker said...

Paula -- your flower arrangements are so pretty! Very charming combinations. Flowers are happy makers for sure. I hope you win BIG at your county fair :)

Windmill Farm said...

Thanks Karen, reading the rules today and wondering what I got myself into!!! Saw your Sectional on The Slipcover Maker blog. OMG that thing was huge!!! I can't imagine even tackling making slipcovers for something that big. Thanks for commenting, appreciate it.

Gifts Perpetual said...

I'm happy to get to see these beautiful photos! The flowers are gorgeous and your photos are great! Thank you for sharing!

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