Friday, August 7, 2015

Small Wedding Flowers; A Thank You Bouquet and WATERMELON ARE READY!!

Mostly photos today.  I was asked to put together some flowers for a wedding, a client's father who is over 70 years old with the bride being 70.  How cute is that???  The client painted her own containers to use and requested flowers to be blue, white, sunflowers and some green.  Bouquet and boutonniere.
She went on Pinterest and sent me a few example that she was thinking about but gave me full rein to do what I needed to do.  Great client!!
Cut Sunflowers, mostly Teddy Bears.  They have so much character and texture.
 Then I lined up all the jars and filled them with the colors and greenery-pre sunflowers.
The thought they looked pretty good without the sunflowers.

It always seems to me that in nature, everything matches, everything looks good together.  When I look at the flowers, it looks like they can all be blooming together in a flower bed.

The Boutonniere 
The Bouquet
Aren't they the cutest couple??? Love blooms at any age.  It was so moving to see my bouquet in this lovely picture.

The next day, I had a last minute order for 2 bouquets that were going to another client's friends
They picked them up at my self service, roadside stand out front of our house. Saved me a delivery.
And lastly, after planting, weeding, watering, weeding and weeding, the watermelon are ready!!! Crimson Sweets and Sugar Babys.  Perfect names
I hope you come back next week.  A special blog, one that is going to be live on the Field To Vase website at the same time, the flower blog that I write for quarterly.  It will be a somewhat sad one, of reflection of what is happening here in Northern California, now, of hopes and dreams of a season.
Until then.

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