Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fabulous CSA Produce Boxes; Flowers for Another Wedding; New Classes Coming!!

The bad news here at the farm is that the aphids have arrived in full ravenous vigor. We kept thinking it was our field, they were on a few leaves of the watermelons one day and took over the whole field in 3 days.  We sprayed with soap and water several times, but this hot dry weather just made all the leaves turn yellow, then brown. We are picking the melons as fast as we can before they burn in the heat with their leaves gone.  Since then, almost every person we have talked to mentioned aphids.  Guess they just haven't visited Windmill Farm!!!
Our regular sized CSA baskets were delivered last week.  My favorites this time were the concord grapes.  Have you ever tasted fresh concord grapes picked right from the vines?  Fabulous.
We have noticed that everything, fruits and vegetables seemed to ripen early this year, which means our season is ending early too.  These are our small sized CSA boxes, not yet finished packing.  On the bottom of the boxes are the squashs, cucumbers, peppers, then the peaches, plums, pluots, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon.  The trees that start out the early season; cherries, apricots, early peaches-their leaves are showing yellow.  Our last box will probably be September 9th.
I was asked by a dear friend, Jeri, past mayor of our town of Gridley, if I could put together her wedding flowers.  
Her annoucement on the invitations said 155 years merging together.  Isn't that cute?  

Another senior citizen couple getting married.  I don't think of these people as seniors.  Jeri for sure, is not, she has more energy than anyone half her age.  

She works full time promoting events in our town as part of the Chamber of Commerce and Gridley Business District; she puts together every parade, charitable event and farmer's market that happens in Gridley and has for years.  
So it was my pleasure to grow and arrange some flowers for her big day.  She is such a busy, busy lady I am sure getting married is not going to slow these two-155 years together people. My best wishes and much love to the both of them.
Our farm has sponsored our grand daughter's soccer team this year.  Celli, our daughter took our logo and re-vamped it to fit their new jerseys.  Looks great on the blue team colors.

Bella and Annie are always nearby when I am working in the sorting shed.  Especially if I have the fan going.  Here Bella is really sound asleep.

After being a long haired German Shepard and having her coat shaved twice this year, she is starting to look like her old self again.
New Classes being worked on and scheduled soon!! 
Another chalk writing class.
AND-these absolutely darling large paper flowers used in photo shoots; kids rooms; headboards; any decorations.  
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