Monday, February 3, 2014

Dreaming of Peonies Today

Unbelievable yesterday, we went to Tractor Supply while the rest of the world was watching sports.  There were hardly any cars on the road; fast food places were empty; parking lots were empty; we even thought Tractor Supply was closed because there was only a few cars out front.  Maybe the game helps the grocery stores sell snack items; but the rest of businesses might as well have closed up.
We went to Tractor Supply to get some paint for a project Frank is working on in his shop.  I went to the dog food section to pick up some snacks for Bella and Annie, but a mouse ran across the isle, so I detoured into the garden section.  My scream brought the sales staff over; I wasn't really scared, it just surprised me.  Their great answer was funny, ranch people don't scare easily, they said "well a few get past them every now and again, they keep the feed scraps off the floors".
At the garden section, I was so excited, they had new seeds and bulbs in on a huge display.  My favorites ended up in my basket, I bought 2 boxes of peonies, each box had 3 bulbs of different pink colors for $9.99, I was so excited.  One bulb is normally around $5.  Then I saw a box that contained a Pink Limelight Hydrangea and that ended up in my basket too.  How did that happen when we went for paint?
And I found bags of seed potatoes, so those ended up in my basket as well.
I found a magazine called Pot Pies, perfect because we are giving a Learn to Make a Country Farm Fresh Pot Pie-made easy class on February 20th.  That will be great to pass around for people to see.
All in all, we had a great time milling around in an empty store.  It was like range eating, but instead we were shopping.  Great buys and always a treat to be around anything ranching and farming.  Guess we helped the sales of the store for the day.
Hoping for more rain soon.

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