Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vertical Gardening for Small Spaces

I first saw a wall of vertical plants on a BBC program called Gardener's World.  The presenters are Monty Don and Carol Klein.  It is filmed in England and has been on the air since 1968.  The episode I watched was when they went to the yearly RHS Chelsea Flower show.  I thought it fun and unique, because they had this long wall of pouches, one side of wall had full sun, the other side was shade.  People visiting the flower show were encouraged to bring plants from their home to add to the wall during the 3 day event.  By the end of the show, both sides of the walls were covered; some with vegetables; flowers; ferns; ivy; endless variety, nothing planned out, just random group of plants..  I don't have a photo of the finished wall, but it turned out fantastic, so beautiful and such a cleaver idea.
In another episode of the Gardener's World, it toured a very modern house with a huge block retainer wall behind the house built against a hill.  The owner had the wall cris/crossed back and forth with wires where he placed pouches.  A year later, the photo showed the entire ugly block wall covered with greenery, it had become a space where you wanted to sit and stay.
The idea has now moved into being used inside a home, bringing the outdoors, inside.  One article said they planted edible plants and flowers.  The pouches are designed to hold the weight of the soil and plant; to allow air to flow; and I recall hearing that it is woven with drip systems.  You plug in a water connection someplace on the side and it drips every other row with water dripping from the top down.
Great ideas for small back yards; ugly fencing; a feature wall.
Or even an indoor salad bar!!!
Exciting today here in Gridley, it is raining-finally.


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