Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wreath Making Class A Success; Wonderful Thanksgiving

How was your Thanksgiving?  All our guests wanted to be outside, kids playing in the tree house or watching the chickens; adults either in Frank's shop or going on a walk.  The weather was ideal.  Today when I woke up it was 29 degrees, holy difference
Our family brought their friends who have 4 kids, so we had 6 kids; 5 dogs and 6 adults + some local friends for dinner and weekend stay.  It was really a wonderful time, we put out a big puzzle to put together for inside fun; the fire was lite and some people brought out their Kindles and read for a while in between meals. 
A highlight of the weekend was when all the kids decided to rake the leaves on the lawn and ended up having a terrific time playing with just "leaves".  They put together their small tent and drug it outside on the lawn and covered it with leaves with only a small eye hole.  Then they covered themselves with the leaves; and lastly they all jumped in the middle of a huge pile.  No expensive toys, nothing electronic; just pure nature and fun.
The Fresh Wreath Making Class was such a big success and I have to say, it really took some doing to get it all together after having so many people stay over until Sunday and the class set for Tuesday.  But with Frank's help, we were able to cut cedar greens; eucalyptus; olive branches; rosemary; got some noble fir limbs; climbing ivy seed pods; different types of pine cones; I dried lemon/orange slices; burlap ribbon; items spray painted with gold and silver paint.  We moved all the furniture out of the front room and put down a large plastic tarp with all the greens and wreath making items in the center of the room.  The smells were heavenly!!!  Then we put tables all around the pile and placed Florist Designer Lisa Hunter in front of the fire place.  I had door prizes wrapped; refreshments out on the dining room table and wire cutters; pruning shears; wire; and scissors set on each table.  We were ready to go for our large group of wreath makers her at Windmill Farm.
The ladies had such a great time talking and laughing and creating.  As they finished their wreaths, I took pictures and it was fun to see how each wreath was different.  Lisa made a wreath as she demonstrated to the group and that became the grand door prize won by Caroll Reece, our Upholstery Extraordinaire friend.   Here are some photos that speak for themselves. So many more but don't want to over-load you with photos.
I love this last photo of Mrs. Margaret Hughes, she was just getting ready holding her wonderful wreath with lots of gold splashes and it matched her gold purse.  Too cute. The people that come to our classes have become good friends of ours and have made good friends of the people they have met here.  Life on our farm has brought us so many blessed gifts.
Until next time, enjoy the Christmas Season.

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