Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Glitz & Why Leave Wrap Hidden Away

In 8 days, we will be sitting in the front room with the fire going, family around, grandkids begging to open up a gift before the next day-Christmas!!!
As most people do, we purchase most items through the internet and they get delivered right to the front door.  I really hate shopping at large malls any more.  It used to be the highlight of my year, but no longer.  I much rather look for the best deals, for my specific purchases, through the convenience of my chair, than to wonder through crowded stores, trying to find parking spots, and the traffic.  I do buy some items  locally as we want to support local small businesses.
I used burlap bags a friend gave to us for under the tree skirt.  She owns Dutch Bros. and they held coffee.
 A group of my gal friends got together and arranged a Christmas tour of each other's houses decorated for Christmas.  It was set up for this last Sunday and it was so much fun going house to house in our small neighborhood and seeing all the special ornaments, lights, trees.  The friend Diana who had the last house visited had a huge spread laid out for us of home made cookies, candies, nuts and fresh hot chocolate.  We all agreed it will be an annual event from now on.  Our house had some glitz and glam lights which are magnified by an old mirror in the back of the hutch.
 While getting the wrapping items out from the closet, I wondered why I kept it hidden away. The bows and holiday papers were so beautiful. So I decided to make our efforts easier and put the wrap, next to the tree. As each item gets delivered or purchased, I don't have to pull out or put back all the items needed to wrap the gift up.  One of these old crocks was on the front porch so I cleaned it up and brought it inside to keep all the bows, tissue paper and tags. 

Another idea I decided to do was to create my own Christmas tags.  Celli had given me the kid's latest school photos and they were sitting here on my desk.  I scanned them in black and white (my printer prints in color but it isn't a very good printer); put in an Avery peel off label sheet; and printed them out, a sheet of Carli and Collin. Now all they have to do is find their own picture knowing that is their gift.
What ideas do you have going this Holiday Season???  Will be chatting with you again before the big Christmas Day.


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