Sunday, September 8, 2013

Treehouse, Mr. Fixit Frank, New Farm Signs on Van

Poor Frank, he has spent 3 days on his knees digging in a hole looking for a water leak.  Gridley soil is so darn soft, any time you need to dig a hole it generally takes seconds.  But this particular sprinkler water leak was at the base of our huge maple tree where he built the grand kid's tree house.
Do you remember what the tree house looks like that Frank built?  Here are some pictures.  It is so darn cute, has a large star in the door and a deck.  We see it from our kitchen window and off the patio.
Frank made all the windows
This is the side of it has a rope with basket so grand kids can bring up supplies!!

They have their own lawn furniture

The waterline that goes across the back of the yard goes under the tree put in a very, very long time ago.  Of course the roots just curled around the water pipe like a boa constrictor.  So Frank had his hack saw, the chain saw, shovels, a real pile of tools to try and get down to the leak and past the leak so he could repair it.  He made several trips to Mac's to purchase various pipe fittings and saw blades but after the 3rd day, the yard water went back on and everything is working well.
Frank's other project has been making a bunk bed for grandson Collin.  Our daughter Celli and Frank drew out the plans and off he went to build it.  I helped paint it which took many, many coats-2 of primer; 2 coats, each side; then touch up.  It is drying now but should be ready to set up in Collin's room next week.  He wants Celli to make curtains on the bottom part for a little fort area, have a light; and he wants all his Lego's in there. I will take a better picture when all together and post next time.
This week we finally got our farm delivery van sign done.  It has been one of those projects that keeps going and going like the Every Ready bunny.  Each time we talked about the sign, none of us in the family could decide.  When we did get our logo done for my business cards, etc, I had an on-line magnetic sign made from Staples.  But it was so small, it looked pretty stupid.  Frank has a friend at Grass Valley Signs and he took the van up there and within two weeks, we had it done.  Frank installed it himself because, well, everyone knows, he can do anything!!!

Annie and Bella wanted in the picture too because they think the van is their van, the dog van-not a farm van. 
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Until next time, hope you all have a wonderful week.


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