Saturday, August 31, 2013

Flowers, Destruction Dirby and More Flowers!

Hello from Windmill Farm:
I mentioned last time I would tell you about our last few busy weeks here at the farm.  It has been our local fair week and both Frank and I were asked to help out with different projects.
I was asked by Mrs. Earley to provide all the flowers that would be at 14 different tables for an event called Taste of Butte County.  The businesses in our communities of Chico, Paradise, Gridley, Durham and other areas bring their products to this evening event, had out information and tastings.  Wine is served and many local wineries have tastings; so do local olive oil companies; cheeses; nuts; jelly/jams; etc.  The gallon glass containers were given to me and I made the arrangements.  She also needed some small arrangements to be placed in glass containers on the long table where people can sit and eat or relax and talk to the vendors.  Frank put chicken wire across the top so I could keep the large arrangements from drooping.  I made the floral arrangements and then Mrs. Earley came in the evening and we covered the containers with western red bandannas, tied burlap strips into bows; and then put together all the small flower arrangements for the tables.It took me a while to pick all the flowers that were going to be used in the arrangements.  Nothing more beautiful than a cart full of limelight hydrangeas!
Car full of flowers

 We delivered them the next day and everyone said they looked beautiful when the event started later that evening.
Frank was asked by two people to paint their cars for the Destruction Derby's that were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Have you ever been to a Destruction Derby?  They are actually lots of fun.  Nothing more fun than to watch cars, on a muddy track, running and banging into each other.  There is noise, smoke and lots of yelling.  Frank helped paint the 777 car and completely painted the #20 car.  It started out gray, then he put on chevron purple strips, then glidder was added and then numbers and more shiny stuff.  That car was owned by our friend Sarah Reynolds and this was her first race and she did fantastic.
Monday night we were just settling in for the evening after a busy week and I received a telephone call from a friend, Lisa who is a Floral and Wedding designer.  She had received a late call asking her to put together some arrangements for an event, the next day in Chico.  Lisa doesn't have flowers on hand normally, she orders her flowers as needed for weddings, etc.  She called me as she really needed some fresh flowers.  They came over and at 7:30-dark we were out in the fields and yard picking whatever she thought she could use.  Lisa is one talented lady and out of this and that, there are the arrangements made by our Windmill Farm flowers.

One thing we have learned from our farming experiences is that people feel a real connection to who we are and what we are doing.  Because most people know that this is our home, we are pretty much open during the season all day, every day.  I guess we have all gotten accustomed to having businesses open all the time.  Gosh, would I be upset if I went to Target at 7:30pm at night and they were closed!!!  But our feeling is that we ARE a business and this is the time when we make our $$$ for the whole year and if we have produce; or have flowers; or can provide a service for someone, we will do whatever we can to make it happen.  And we love our little town of Gridley and feel pretty good that we are part of the community events.
Oh, bye the way, I will be giving an applesauce canning class September 18th and Lisa is going to give a class on floral arranging sometime in September, she will be giving me a date soon.  If interested in those classes, email me and I will put you on the list to be given more information.

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