Sunday, December 30, 2012

Making Holiday Memories With 6 Dogs in the House

We had so much fun for Christmas!

The house was decorated; as stated in my previous blog, our family room had a new carpet; the refrigerator was full of food; all the presents wrapped; fireplace going casting a wonderful glow, we were just so excited for everyone to arrive. Not sure about your families, but most people now bring their dogs when visiting, since they are so part of everyone's life. We used to board ours or have someone take care of them at the house when we would travel during holidays, but pretty much most of the people/family/friends that we know, have their dogs with them when they travel.

This Christmas we ended up having 6 dogs of all sizes and personalities. The owners all said, of course, their dog/s were house broken, ours included.

So how our holidays started, within a couple of hours into preparing food on Sunday, kids in family room with snacks watching a movie; guys in front room talking and watching-sports; women in kitchen fixing food with Christmas music on. We heard grand daughter Carli say she felt sick-a mad rush to get towel or bowl, but it was too late. Yes, it ended up all over my slip-covered wing back chair. No troubles, she couldn't help it, off went the chair slip covers, her clothes, the towels, on went the washer/dryer. Poor thing ended up sick with the flu the whole time she was here.

We ate dinner, ready for clean up and all converging together in the living room. I walked through the family room to check on kids and spied a large wet spot on our new carpeting!!! Celli cleaned it up really well, but of course, everyone's dogs are house broken, including mine so could not figure out which dog did the deed!!! More items in the washer.

Our Christmas days were filled with lots of rain and wind. With 6 dogs needing to go outside many times a days, there were towels by the back and front door wet and then sent to the laundry room many times during the 4 days.

When everyone was gone, I had a refrigerator full of leftovers; 3 opened but not empty wine bottles; 4 trash cans full of garbage; 5 large bags full of Christmas ripped wrap and boxes from toys; 3 bags full of recycling materials-glass, plastic, cans. The laundry room was stacked high with cleaned and folded towels, bedding, blankets, rugs, dog beds, dish towels, clothes hat family helped to wash, dry, fold and sort.

But our hearts are full of wonderful memories of our Christmas with family and friends-wonderful memories of our grand kids running into the front room to see what Santa had brought for them down the chimney. And yes, the memories of having 6 dogs running through the house.

PS-And I particularly love my two new vacuums I received from Celli, Chris and Frank.

Hope your holiday season was filled with great family memories!

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