Saturday, January 5, 2013

January Goal De-Clutter, Get Organized, Get Moving

My head is full of 2013 ideas, for remodeling, planting my fields, decorating, cleaning, organizing, editing, learning new skills, the list just goes on. I have 4 different magazines all open at different spots where I want to take the time to read an article, just trying to find the time. On my desk I have my new calendar with post-it notes as I am making up my project/classes that I will be teaching here at the farm for the year. I need to get organized!!
I have made up 5 folders of ideas on the corner of my desk that need attention. I Pinterest ideas and projects every morning and even print out a few and put them on Frank's corner desk that may require his handiwork (he just loves this :-)). I have started getting calls for people to sign up for our 2013 CSA (Community Supportive Agriculture) farming business and made up a folder for that too!!! I think we all are bracing ourselves lately, wondering with anticipation, caution, as to what is in store for us this year.  Especially people in business, we are always looking for ways to increase productivity, lower costs, spend less and to live within our means, no matter how small that may be.
What I have decided to do is divide up my year into projects by the month.
January is my month to clean, organize, toss, DE-Clutter, re-think, re-vamp the inside of my house, garden and my farm classes that will also revolve around that concept. I have found a great blog called Delightful Order. She has some terrific ideas and tools on her site that have inspired me.
One tool at the top of my list that I use all the time is my Brother PTouch label maker. I have also purchased some plastic tubs, some to use to sort what goes to the thrift shop, items to re-cycle, a tub for items that goes in the garage, another for what stays. My life is always so much calmer and easier when it is free of clutter and in some sort of order, at least for a while, anyways!!!
Speaking of re-cycling I saw on Pinterest a fun up-cycled item made from men's ties. How clever.
And I have two re-cycled or up-cycled items I want to make for my gardens. I think the ironing board lady would be cute to have right as you walk into my vegetable gardens and I can change out veggies or flowers in the granite pot, too cute.

I will keep you posted as to how my January revamping is going. 

Would love to hear from you out there in blog land. Any interesting goals/resolutions you have for yourself?


Becka said...

Hi Paula-
Just stopping in to say Hello.
I always enjoy your blog posts, and keeping in touch. I would love to visit with you more this year.
Hugs- Becka

Windmill Farm said...

Thanks Becka. Your blog is fab, love reading yours too. Need to go over and grab your link to post on mine. Just figured out how to do the "grab this button" and added to my blog. Love to see you.