Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Projects

Four more days until Christmas, are you ready?? I was feeling fairly confident until I realized I had no food in the house or any plan as to what to fix. Today is the day to do that. I had a few projects on my list to try to do for the grand kids to enjoy and seen these birdseed treats to make, seemed simple enough. You make them almost like cookies with flour, sugar, molasses, but add almost a 15 lb bag of bird seed. What a mess I had in my kitchen of thousands of little seeds. I put holes in the top to string and hang from trees. After drying for a day, I put the strings in the holes and 1/2 of them crumbled apart. Next year I might try again using a different recipe.

One big project Frank and I have been meaning to do is finalize what to do with the family room floor. We normally agree about 95% of the time on any of our projects. On very rare occasions, my darling husband just won't budge on his way of thinking to listen to possibly alternative ideas and we have been going back and forth talking about alternatives to wall to wall carpeting in that room. Carpeting would cost around $1000, too much money. The room has 3 doors into it and is used so much as a pass through to get to the front of the house or my office. It is also the room where the TV is located, where our dogs settle in and have their beds, and where the grand kids play, so the carpeting gets lots of messes on it. This photo was when we were just finishing up the room and the carpeting had just been put down.

The carpeting needs to be changed now and that is why our discussion keeps coming up. I recall the flooring was fine underneath carpeting; Frank recalled that it had holes and in very bad shape and had paint on them and that was why we originally carpeted the room. Our daughter finally settled it for us and convinced us to remove the old carpeting, get a remnant piece, have it bound and paint the wood floor where it shows. Frank agreed, I liked the idea so we moved forward.Turned out we were both right in our memories; the flooring was painted around edging but other than that, in excellent. But we already have at least 90% of our house with wood flooring, we really didn't need another room with 100% wood floors. We found a fabulous remnant place in Yuba City, decided on the carpet; pulled up the old one; I painted the floor and yesterday we rolled out the new carpeting. Frank and I both love it and only cost $200 for the carpet and $90 to have the binding done. The room is now ready or dogs, kids, company and-probably new spills and messes.

A good compromise and isn't that what life is all about!

The grand kids had their Christmas program at their school and it was fun to see them sing the old Christmas favorites. We just love them so much.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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