Saturday, December 15, 2012

Click, Click, Buzz Buzz, Brush, Brush

Where have I been for over 3 weeks?? Frank and I, here at Windmill Farm have been like Elves at Santa's Workshop. I have been click, clicking-the sound of knitting needles making Christmas gifts for the grand kids and friends-

Dragon Scarf for Carli
Alligator scarves for Collin & Carli
knitted headband
Ring of Hearts scarf for friend

Frank has been buzz buzz buzzing in his shop making a very special gift for our daughter and family. I can't show you the finished project because- 1) I don't want them to see it and ; 2) I am still painting it, but this picture was the inspiration-another project I started is painting our diningroom table.
Here is what the table looked like before, a beautiful black Ballard Design Harvest table I have had for several years.
Thought I wanted it white
 And that leads me to the brush, brush business.  It was black; thought I wanted white; then I painted it blue. Finished it is a mixture of Chalk Paint Provence and Okra to match my McCoy Pottery that I collect. Finished it in time for a big dinner a few days ago.
Chalk Paint-Provence Blue

 My friend got me  some raw cotton plants with the cotton still on the plant. I used it to decorate a "natural" bird tree for the kids, with bird nests, birds and "cotton" snow on it.
 All other decorations are done, big tree is up, outside lights are done and Frank lite the star at the top of our Windmill.  Christmas season is officially here for us-
sleigh bells ring
Merry Christmas-Frank and Paula Carli

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