Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wind Is Blowing Outside and in My Head

Designing, decorating and maintaining an old 1920's Arts and Craft house AND  having a farming business requires lots of time management and $$$ management. Lucky for me, my husband Frank is a retired contractor so when I have an idea to change something or have something built, he makes it happen.  Unfortunately for him, I have LOTS OF IDEAS.This time of year is so confusing to me because normally I am up early, have my list of things I need to do in the gardens and vegetable fields; customer orders to fill; classes to schedule; phone calls; the list is always long.  October and November are in-between times; apples are finished and we are waiting for pomegranates, persimmons and citrus to be ripen;  where most people would be happy to have a break from work outside to being able to stay inside to read or relax, but not Frank and I.  My head is swirling like the winds with ideas, more lists; plans; too many projects that I want to do with less daylight to do them or weather keeping me inside or dollar costs keep them from being completed.
Two days ago, Frank and I got our hedger going and trimmed all the privet hedges around the house; cut back the wisteria; mowed back the front ivy; trimmed roses; shut off all the sprinkler timers; and got the blower out and blew off all the clippings that Frank picked up with his tractor from around the front of the house. We felt like we were in a tornado of yard projects that had been neglected all summer but at the end of the day, I took 3 Advil and admired how nice and trim everything looked, at least for one day.
I have 5 knitting projects sitting by my chair that I am trying to work on for Christmas presents.  Alligator and dragon scarves for the grandkids; I have pictures of some projects I want to do for the
  Holiday Ladiesburlap  give away bags..Paperwhites in Silver w/ Glass Ballsdiy christmas decor christmasHang packages for each month before Christmas Frank is working on building the new chicken house and trying to keep up with all my lists!!!
And today I have decided to tear all the slip covers off my furniture, wash them and to make new pillows in some spunky new fabrics. Pinned Image But then I see all the dust on the furniture and the chips in the paint so I have added some more items on my list of things to do.  Since I had everything else a mess, I moved on to change the bedding so it could hang on the line to dry in the wind. clothes lineWhile in the bedroom, I was looking around the room and thought-it needs a change; I am thinking wallpaper like this bedroom!!! Hopefully tomorrow the tornado in my brain will die down and I can get my house back in order.  My dogs Annie and Bella are exhausted from following me around all day.

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