Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chickens and Friends

I have noticed something I have never thought about before. It could sound weird, but I think the Windmill Farm chickens have particular "chicken friends" they like to hang out with during the
This will be the 3rd season that our resident pheasant is here with us. He roams free all over the place but as soon as I let out the 20+ chickens, he seems to like cruising around with my pretty Buff Orphington chickens.
Last year in March, Frank read about how helpful owls were in ridding fields of moles and gophers. So he made a bunch of the owl boxes and put them up around the first of April. We were able to entice one owl to stay the summer but the owls start nesting around January and we had missed their season in 2011. A few nights ago, I saw 2 owls fly into one of the owl boxes in the back and yesterday evening I saw one standing on top of the box on the west side of our property. I believe this year we will have lots of barn owls combing our fields. How exciting, gophers look out!
Here is another photo of Frank's progress with his 1947 tractor. Few more parts on it.


Kathy said...

Those are such beautiful chickens. My dear friend from New Zealand gave me a book called "Chicken, Mules and Two Old Fools". It is about a couple who move from England to Spain. They bought some chickens and have such interesting stories about them. It is written by Victoria Twead. I believe she is on FB. Your pictures are just beautiful. Love that tractor!

Windmill Farm said...

Hi Kathy: I love the name of the book, how cute. I have the chickens, and Frank and I are occationally "Old Fools" I guess we just need the mules. Would 2 large dogs count? Thank you for following our blog.