Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Best Part Of Summer

Frank Made This new Large Birdhouse

What Is Your Best Part Of Summer?  Is it planning for a special vacation?  Not having to get the kids up early for school or having to run, run, run all the time with activities?
Working in a garden?

As a farmer, spring and summer are our busiest time of the year, we don't get a break whether it is a Saturday or a 104 degree day.  Animals don't know what time of year it is, they are just thirsty or hungry each and every day and need tending.  Fruit trees need watering, sometimes spraying, and when their fruit is ready, you better be ready or you will miss them!!! Vegetables and fruits need watering, weeding, picking, checking for insects no matter the time of day, day of the week, whether it is a holiday.
For Frank and I, we love each and every day we live here on our farm-in spite of what I just mentioned. But our very, very favorite time is when our family comes to visit us, especially our grandkids when they stay on their own.
We get to have close, quality time with them and get to know what they are doing, what new things they are interested in; see how they are growing and changing.  And they get to re-kindle that love and closeness with their grandparents-us, too.
So this week, we played with the grandkids, even though it was so darn hot.  
Gator rides; picking and eating peaches while sitting underneath the trees sitting in the Gator. Pulling weeds in garden while talking; shooting up rubber band LED lighted rockets in the middle of the field at 10 at night.  

We shot some up in the air on our back lawn and laughed when half of them got stuck in the Maple tree-that now has LED lights glowing in it.  

I bought the kids some glow in the dark hand mittens,

so we went outside in the dark and played invisible people with glowing hands. 
I had also given them each a Fitbit Zip that keeps track of how many steps they take; calories used and some other things that syncs with a phone.

 They have been know to help get kids up and moving and away from all their electronic devices and staying inside too much.  So far, it has been fantastic, they are competing with each other; checking it all the time.

I even had a dentist appointment while they were hear and we all packed in the car and drove to Paradise to join me.  Had nice conversations in the car and a little singing too!!

They counted chickens on the lawn; they helped me round up the chicks at night to put them in the chicken coop safe and sound.  They ate some watermelon but saved some of it to feed to the chickens.
We stayed up late watching the newer version of Cinderella; Collin loves to scare his Grandma to hear me scream!!!
Simple fun, wonderful memories.  I hope you are having some family fun this summer-so far.

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