Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Re-Vamping The Kitchen-It Turned Out Fabulous!!!

A lot of thought went into the 1st remodel of our Arts & Craft kitchen.  The previous owners had torn out the very old kitchen and created a new one in the middle 1990s to encompass a back porch and to make it larger to accommodate their family of 8.  By some standards, it wasn't a bad kitchen, white cabinets, a large old enamel cook stove; hardwood floors; a circular bar so all the kids could eat at the counter.  They had new cabinets made by a local cabinet shop.
But this kitchen was not for Frank and I who have probably higher tastes than we have budgets.  So we planned very carefully; bought items that made the most impact; and we did all the work ourselves to save money.  We searched many outlets so that the quality fixtures, counter, appliances and hardware were items at bargain prices; but we didn't  skimp on the parts that really, really mattered.  As an example, I knew I wanted a Wolf Stove, with a center grill.  These never have sales or come up at bargain prices.  So we just ordered it from a kitchen distributor.  When it came to getting the stainless steel hood that worked with it, the store happened to have a floor model that was ready to be replaced with a newer model of Wolf.  We asked about it and they gave the hood at wholesale price since it had been a store model for about 8 months.  We saved about $1200.
My wish of wishes:  The Wolf Stove; Carrara marble counter tops; an all refrigerator/refrigerator (commercial) and with full glass panel door; walnut cutting board; large and deep enamel farmhouse sink that is not an open apron front; mostly lower cabinets, very few upper cabinets.
We took an inventory of what we could re-use in the kitchen and what was going to go-the large circular bar/counter.  What structurally needed to be added-more light, more windows.  And off we went.

After several months, the kitchen was pretty much done.  That was 9 years ago and the time seems like it has just flown by.  Lots of company, lots of big meals; lots of cooking classes later and the kitchen has really, really held up well.  Honestly, there would be very little if anything I would change again.  

Except now, the cabinets were dirty; they needed some touch-ups of marks; the drawer pulls needed polishing; the cutting boarded needed oiling; the Wolf Stove and Hook needed to be taken apart and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.  
 Before with everything taken out of kitchen

And since we were at it, I took everything off the counters and walls and washed all the walls and cabinet trim down of dust and kitchen grime.

With all of that done, Frank installed new tile behind the stove that I had found several months back,

I cleaned the stove completely-which took a whole day.

As I put my collections of antiques back on the walls, they were wiped down and washed.  Some items were changed around, like putting all my small green bird house collections together.

 We super cleaned and re-varnished the floors.

 And put back things around the kitchen that I love.  Yes, I know, can't really see the new back splash with all my urns put back on the warming shelf.

 And I still love leaving my small Christmas lights back up around the kitchen.  At night after dinner, I love putting them on to have a nice glow in the kitchen instead of leaving the larger lights on.
We are so happy to have this project done.  It has taken almost a week but well worth the good cleaning and the fixing and polishing.  Like new again!!!

And Oh by the way, we had some left over tiles so we laid them under the kitchen sink.  Perfect!!!

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