Thursday, December 29, 2016


What a thrill to pick up the paper to see our little roadside stand on the front page of the Chico ER!!!  A full page story and even went to more than a 1/2 page on the 2nd page.  We are so excited to have our farm mentioned in such a large paper.

It started about a week ago, the power of FACEBOOK!!!  A writer, Heather Hacking, for the Chico ER paper, wrote on her Facebook page that she was researching local roadside stands and wanted anyone who has seen any in Butte County or surrounding areas to let her know.  A customer, past CSA member happened to recommend our farm to her.  Heather contacted me and we hooked up for an interview.
Heather was so easy to talk to, we just chatting for about 45 minutes about food, our history on the farm, what we do, what we plan to do.  Talking like we had known each other for years.  At that point, she was still tracking down more leads, but as you can imagine, this time of year, many local, small stands are not open.  Heather mentioned it may not actually make getting into the paper over the holiday, but she would let me know.
Then on Tuesday morning, several Facebook people started mentioning they read the story about our roadside stand and it was on the front page!!!  Frank went out to search down a news stand so we could read it ourselves.
Thank you Chico ER, and thank you Heather Hacking for writing such a wonderful article about our Windmill Farm and for helping promote local farmers.

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