Thursday, October 20, 2016

Crocheting Pumpkin and Ghost Banners and Leaf Banners-Pumpkin Class Coming This Saturday

Gift to Local Fire Dept
My days have been busy, but with the reduced sunlight, I keep feeling I just don't get enough done in the gardens before it starts to get dark and cold.
I am getting ready for my Saturday, Pick Pumpkins and Fill With Flowers class.  There are lots of different colored pumpkins for people to choose.  Celli and
Carli are coming the day before and planning on attending.  Celli is going to help me teach the
painting of pumpkins.  We will be demonstrating painting them with black chalkboard paint and also other colors.  

To give people ideas for changing up the Halloween decorations to become "fall" decorations.

I saw a photo of a lady that crocheted a pumpkin and ghost swag/banner and thought that would make for a great door prize for my class.

 It took me a few tries to make the ghost, that one was more difficult to crochet than the pumpkin.  I think they turned out cute.

With that thought, and a couple more days of rain and being stuck inside, I thought a swag of fall leaves would look cute too.  So I went searching on Youtube and watched a pattern to make leaves.  I believe I will use the leaf swag as a door prize for the November Gnocchi making class.  The photos don't show true colors, there isn't a pink, it is orange, some yellow, red and some green leaves complete the swag.
I have been a little down lately because of an unexpected expense.  An oak tree fell on top of our friend, Tina's 5th wheel that is stored in the back of our property.  

As I am typing today, I am waiting for the tree man to come and cut it down at the cost of $1000 or more.  It looks like it has done a lot of damage to the cover over it and the slides.  We sure have to sell a lot of flowers and produce to make $1000!!!  The tree is so big and heavy, we couldn't even attempt to try and remove it ourselves.
Will show pictures of the tree cut down on next blog. And will show how cute the pumpkins turned out that people cut and decorated and maybe even painted!!

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