Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Flowers; Crocheting Jar Cozies; Farm Injury; School Farmer's Market

I have been a little MIA-Missing In Action for a week, but I am back.  I decided to use the cloudy and rain time we had for a few days to make some flower arrangements for Mother's Day-at my roadside stand and to fill a couple Facebook orders that came in. And pick a few handfuls of cherries before the rain.  Bad year for cherries, unfortunately!!!

I am going to keep this post brief because of my 2nd thing that happened to me this last week.  I planted and planted a whole day and was dead tired.  But on my list of things to do, I needed to lay out one last piece of landscaping fabric over the end section of the peppers-that I just planted.  I found a shorter piece, put it down, got my 6" landscaping pins, scissors and went to work.  It was a bit breezy, so
I pulled on one end where there was already a landscaping pin on the last piece, where I wanted to match up, to put it through both layers.  Pulled it up, held the fabric with my left hand, whacked the pin with my right hand.  The pin bounced as whacked and it went right through my index finger clear to the ground.  I couldn't get my finger out without pulling up the pin and then pulling the pin out of my finger.  It wasn't easy because I thought I was going to pass out.
Luckily, I happened to have a dish cloth in my gator so I wrapped the hand up, rounded up Frank for support and went into the house to view the damage.  Oh did I mention it was Sunday, Mother's Day?  I soaked it, cleaned it and bandaged it up.  Since the pike went clear through the finger, it did help to heal.  So being the brave woman, I opted to not go to emergency ward but wait until the next day.
It is this time of year when our Windmill Farm is asked to put on our Farmer's Markets for the PTO groups at schools.

Tuesday was our school event in Placer county and it went pretty well.  Amazingly for this early May, we were able to put on a very nice spread for the Teachers and Staff at the Bowman School in Auburn.

Luckily, my flower orders have been coming in with the use of social media with Mother's Day.  I received an order for 6 floral bouquets for a funeral and had to fit in a visit to the doctor.  Oh yes, my finger did start healing but then it got purple and the swelling had not gone down after a few days, Frank insisted I go  He scared me into realizing what hurting a finger can mean.  So in between weeding, watering, mowing the lawn, making the flower arrangements, I fit in time to get cleaned up to go to the doctor.
Some fun projects I have been working on-Crocheting covers for jars.

Once I get started, I get obsessed and I am trying out using help, jute, plastic twine, yarn with each one looking different.  They look so good with candles in them and I hope to use them for weddings, events, sell or gifts.
Life is good, busy (except for my finger) here at Windmill Farm.

PS-Bella got shaved for the summer and a new dog!!

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