Saturday, April 16, 2016

Flowers Flowers Flowers!!

We might have had some rain, but nature was pumping out flowers like crazy.  What a year for roses!!! Our gardens are a wonderland of colors and textures.  I am even getting hydrangeas blooming.

Each day that I go out to work in the garden, I come back into the house with arms full of lovely snow balls; lillies; sweet peas; mock orange; lilac; lavender, lamb's ear, Dusty Miller.  I even have Queen's Anne Lace blooming.
The power of the social media is always amazing.  I showed some photos of my own arrangements sitting in the kitchen and people requested some of these farm fresh country bouquets for themselves.

 I believe people are so happy to receive a bouquet that came right from a garden, not a cold storage unit and then to a super market. I think I was just surprised how many people were yearning for flowers this early in the season to put in their kitchens and homes too!

I try to accommodate my customers no matter the day or time, by having the flower items ready when it is convenient for them.  One cute girl wanted a bouquet ready for her on her way home from picking up her kids from school.  Another lady was taking her grand kids shopping in Chico, but wouldn't be going through our town until 6-8pm.  No problem for me, this is our home, we are normally always here to make it happen for them.  She texted and Facebooked me when she was leaving Chico and when she was getting close to our roadside stand.  I put the bouquets out in cute farm style galvanized containers and she is going to drop them back to me another day when she is traveling through our town.

Our little farm has been known for produce for over 8 years now, but I am very happy to see that people are thinking of us more and more for their flower needs also.

My "Learn To Crochet A Rag Rug"class is coming up on Wednesday, full class.  My table is covered with fabric, needles, instructions, cutting boards, cutters and door prizes ready to go.  The day of the class, I always try and have a fresh picked flower arrangment as one of our door prizes for people to take home after the class.  That and a dozen farm fresh eggs.  In our rural environment, people really enjoy and appreciate gifts from people that are hand made, farm fresh, 

Flowers bring everyone so much joy.  

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