Friday, March 4, 2016

Slipcovered Wingback Chair Changes Look Thanks To The Slipcover Maker

What wonderful friends you meet through blogging.  I just love it!!!  Some years ago, I started reading a fellow blogger, Karen Powell, The Slipcover Maker.  
She would give advise about different fabrics to use on slipcovers.  Always willing to share fabric resources and answer any question about sewing slipcovers.  
Her website has links to her pricing per chair; a listing of how much fabric to use per style of item, a great, great resource for anyone to use.
Recently, she posted a photo of a chair she recovered and stated she had received the old cover in the mail and made new covers using the original as a pattern.  Since I have made a few covers myself over the years, I knew that making one without having the luxury to check out the fit after  sewing sections on the chair/couch/etc  is a very difficult process, and was VERY IMPRESSED.
I have had a wing back chair from Pottery Barn for years and years. It had such a tight fit of the cover, I actually forgot it was a slipcover, I thought it upholstered.  It was covered in a red corduroy fabric.  

One day I noticed dust on the arms during my spring cleaning rampage.  Since it had not been sat in a long time I realized, it was starting to get very tattie looks and even had some splits in fabric from arm usage. After looking closer, I remembered that it was a slipcover.
Sometimes you just want to treat yourself to doing something special and I instantly thought of Karen and sent off an email.  Would you do my chair too!!!  I am in California and she lives in Michigan.  A long way to have a slipcover made.
It is such a wonderful experience to deal with someone who handles her business in such a professional manner.  She quickly replied to my emails; I sent her photos of the chair; she suggested the fabric and gave me the website to order it at the best price.  We even had the fabric delivered directly to her to save money and expedite the process.  Estimates of costs were provided and with a set time schedule, I mailed off my old red slipcover to Karen.
I swear it was only like a week, no more than 2 weeks, an email came to me that the slipcover was done and sent back to me.  I gladly mailed my check to her and within a few days of the email, my gift to myself arrived at my front door.
The chair has been transformed.  The fit is perfect!!!  The fabric a canvas/duct but soft and very comfortable to sit in.  It is like getting a new piece of furniture.
I want to thank Karen for her excellent work.  Beautiful zipper on the side of the chair to make putting it on the chair so easy.  Washing instructions given to complete Karen's personal touch.
Can't say enough good things about The Slipcover Maker-Karen Powell.
The chair looks so nice, it got moved into the front room with the other white slipcovered furniture and another well worn chair went back into the tv/family room to take its' place.  If I had thought about it and if I had enough funds, I would have liked Karen to make an additional one in a different color, one slipcover for summer and another for winter.  Maybe my treat to myself for Christmas????
Thanks again Karen.

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