Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wedding Flowers; Pomegranates Ripe

Our pomegranate season has started.  We are picking each day hoping to beat any forcasted rain or before they pop open.  Frank and I did something different this year.  What we used to do is each take a side of a row and pick all around the trees and place the poms on the ground.  When we finished a row, Frank would bring the tractor and we would fill the bucket with the picked poms and then take them over to the shed for me to sort sizes and condition.
Did you know that pomegranate trees are filled with thorns??  The fruit is not easy to pick and your hands get all poked and cut.  Yesterday Frank got a blood running down his face from a thorn scraping across his nose.  This year, I remembered we had a kid's blue plastic tub in the yard for the dogs to get wet in.  We put the big round plastic wading pool on a pallet and brought it into the rows, elevated at arms height.  So as we were picking, we just put the poms in the wading pool, only handling them once in the field.  When full, Frank took the pallet over to shed and he was able to drop it off and still use the tractor for other things while I sorted.  Less bending, easy accessibility.
We are selling the pomegranates very reasonable by the small, medium, large sizes and small, medium, large case sizes.  Also selling the jumbo poms for $1 each and yesterday I saw them in the stores, maybe a medium sized one for $3.  If interested in any of our pomegranates, give us a call.
My last wedding of the season went well.  I thought the flowers turned out beautiful.  We used many from our farm gardens, but the bride wanted carnations, baby breath and lisianathus which I do not have. The Mom had a contact that went to SF flower mart and got us several bucket full which saved the day.

Luckily, I had the help to do all of this from a good friend, Sarah.  We made 20 large table arrangements; 15 boutonnieres; 1 Bride's bouquet; 9 Bridesmaid bouquets; table greens, 3 corsages.

The bride's colors were pinks, mauves, taupes, violet, purples, with greens from hydrangeas.

Lots of photos of flowers, I love how the corsages turned out.
Sad to say our growing season is ending for flowers and produce.  I did pick a huge basket full of egg plant and picked apples for the roadside stand out front.  And of course, all our pumpkins are ready along with the poms.  

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