Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scarecrows For The Garden-Even Glam Ones

Every garden needs scare crows, for fun, function and fantasy.  Each year I think about what I want my scarecrow to look like, I usually have big ideas of making a head out of burlap, drawing a face, filling with straw; even to make a horse scarescrow!!
But mine pretty much always look the same; one for me (the woman); one for Frank (the man).  I used to be able to pick up bib over-alls real easy at thrift stores or yard sales, but not any more.  Guess the old style farmers are gone, now wearing designer jeans and tennis shoes?  Maybe, but not bib overalls.
And even if you find something, it costs too much, like $4 for an old flannel shirt at a thrift store??  
This year, I went into my own closet (and Franks); and the Dollar Store. 
These are scarecrows in my past gardens:
 All in fun at Windmill Farm.

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