Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Love Of Flowers

Flowers are a joy to be around, a passion to have in my life; nothing is more uplifting than to have a fresh bouquet of anything blooming, freshly cut from my garden, in a vase as you walk into my kitchen.  Did you ever notice that when you randomly pick flowers and greenery from a garden, it always looks well together?
Nature sure knows how to blend texture and colors beautifully.
Farmgirl Flowers - has a flower store in SF and started a unique business concept of only using flowers in arrangements that are fresh and from local growers.  She offers only a few, select, and FABUlous looking arrangements put together with flowers that are fresh.  You don't order from a book of photos, you get the arrangement of the day.
With that idea, she started a movement of connecting like minded flower growers by creating a website called Field to Vase - . Field to Vase is a wonderful resource of flower growers all across the USA.  The farm bio is written by the farmers themselves which gives life and personality and truth about what it takes to bring flowers to the general public.
I was asked a year ago if I would be interested in being a contributor to the website and write a seasonal blog-heck yes!!!  My latest post is featured today, here is the link: /  Hope you enjoy it.
Our farm is a small 5 acre farm where we grow vegetables, have fruit trees, along with the house and gardens.  Each year I have been adding more and more rows of cut flowers mixed in with the vegetables and am expanding deeper into cut flowers.  It is thrilling to learn every year what works and what doesn't work; what people like, what they don't; what products are needed to grow flowers and to sell flowers. 
 If Frank didn't love the front side yard so much, I would disk up that area and just plant peonies and hydrangeas in rows, wouldn't that be beautiful to drive up the driveway and see a 1/4 acre of just peonies and hydrangeas? Thanks for visiting our little blog from Windmill Farm and I hope you enjoy looking through the Field To Vase contributors and their blog.  I am inspired and I hope you are too.

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