Saturday, February 14, 2015

Painting, Refinishing an Antique Table; Wellness/Health/Fitness Class Coming Up.

We had a short respite with the rain by not having to be outside working!!!  But this week has been in the 60-70 degrees and the early spring panic time begins.  So much to do-cut, mow, clean, dig, plant, disk, prune.  
The stress of it all isn't just there isn't enough time to do everything, but whether our backs and arms will hold out the whole day.  We need to get our bodies back into working shape.
Speaking of shape.  My New Year's Resolution is to be more fit, but the truth be told, it really is about loosing weight.  So thinking it may be an interesting topic for others, I have set up a class-Wellness/health/fitness get together class set for February 18, 2015 from 6-8pm.  I made some calls and have some interesting and varied speakers coming to speak to a group, very informal setting, in my front living room.  
One lady, Sarah Crouch is a licensed nutritionist; uses making fresh vegetables and fruits smoothies to work out wellness.  Another speaker is Julie who actually sells Amway products.  Interesting about Amway, I used to use all their products in the 1970s and 1980s.  Then we just stopped for no particular reason.  It is becoming very interesting again to people because the company only uses fresh and natural ingredients in their products.  They have expanded the products to include healthy shakes, weight loss products, and great vitamins.  She will be talking about her products and how they work.  I have Kathryn Shepard coming to talk about a product I only just heard about, Arbonne.  My friend uses her products and I can't wait to hear all about them.  I have the owner of the Gridley Fitness Club coming to talk to us about the use of his equipment, but also he provides Yoga and Zumba and is a fitness expert. Lastly, I will be talking about what I am doing, I purchased myself a Fitbit bracelet that monitors my exercise for the day along with a software that shows how much I ate, calories, and sets goals for me to keep me motivated.
I hope if you are local, you may want to come for a few hours, learn some new techniques about fitness and pick up a card or brochure to take home.

Last week I decided to clean out my office and re-arrange and organize it.  I had this table in my garage that I had been planning on painting and using in the house.  It has a shelf down at bottom that would be perfect for the printer and larger office supplies. The yellow Annie Sloan paint I had, made the table work perfectly in the office, but I kept the top natural wood.  After some light sanding, I used my light oak Briwax and finished the top off.  
I also ordered some large glass jars with metal lids from Cost Plus-on line buying is my favorite thing.  I had a 15% coupon, and the jars on-line were $4.99 yet in their store they were $6.99.  I got 5 of the large square jars for a little over $30 including shipping.  AND they showed up at my door in 3 days. The photo is one I took from a magazine article and from that I found them at the World Market-Cost Plus.
The last few days I have been putting my office supplies, tags, rubber stamps, business cards, all the tons of little office supplies I love to use in the jars, in my antique silverware trays and putting my paper labels, and colored papers all neat and tidy.  The other table in the office is a bin table.
 The finish on it is the original, natural use and I love this table and use the bins for my designing samples, paint sample fans.  I think in a future blog I am going to talk about how useful bin tables were in the 1800s and how they are so versatile now!
Next project I need to do-start working on putting my taxes together. Now isn't that a pleasant thought-
Until next time from Windmill Farm.

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