Monday, January 19, 2015

Upholstering An Antique Wingback Chair; Getting Through a Fog Funk

Drizzle and fog here for several days in a row.  I go outside to work in gardens but it is just too wet, too cold, turn around and come back into house.  Bella is very happy to sit on windowsill and watch fog too.
I raked for a while all the leaves around the driveways, but they are still piled up waiting for Frank to finish the compost bins.  He too, is hating to be outside right now so he is mostly working in his shop putting his 1947 Ford tractor back together.
I did accomplish something worth while though yesterday and cleaned out my garage.  I made a big stack of thrift shop items; a few items to sell on our local yard sale Facebook page; and Frank helped me put up all the Christmas decorations back up into the garage rafters.
I sorted through all my canning jars, organizing them by size so they will be ready for this spring/summer.
I put away all the baskets, boxes, chalk boards; any items that we used for our Wellness Program produce displays we did this summer and fall.  Seems like everything ends up in the garage.
There is this really cute table I purchased this past summer that I was going to paint and put in the house.  It came from the very old JC Penny Store in Gridley which has been closed up for over 30 years.  It has a great shelf below and Frank put rollers on the feet.  Only problem is I want to use it in the house someplace but it is a pretty big size. For now, it is a great work table to work on garage projects.
The garage is all open and clean so I am going to start a new upholstery project and do it in the garage instead of the house.  I need Frank to make me a short stool with carpet on top and roller to place the chair on to have it elevated and so it can rotate around.  Frank gave me a new power nailer/stapler for Christmas so I want to try it out on this project.  Some women love jewelry, I love garden items and tools!!
My biggest problem is what to use for fabric on the chair.  I want to use what I have to save money so two choices are: 1) washed canvas drop cloths; or 2) sage green linen fabric.  Both fabrics I have on hand, I purchased 5 drop cloths from Harbor Freight this summer using a 20% coupon off when they were having them on sale.  I got them for almost $5 each.  Was originally going to use them for drapes going across my sorting shed to keep out the wind on the one side that is open or keep out the sun when it is hot.  I never got that project done so I have all these that I could use for fabric on the chair.  The green linen fabric was purchased on sale and I got 10 yards of it so I have plenty.  Just not sure what room this chair will go into, probably the family room and I don't have green in there. I had made this slipcover some time ago and actually considering using a floral fabric so the chair can be used in several rooms.
My final choice would be to go fabric shopping and look for something new, but since fabric stores are at least 30 minutes away, we are talking a couple hour trip away from the farm when I should be doing work here.
The chair may need new batting or webbing so I just better take it all down to frame to see what I need and then go fabric shopping.
I guess you can tell, my mind and body work so much better when the weather is warmer and the sun is out. Think I am in a bit of a fog funk

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June said...

What a score that table was Paula. It is awesome just the way it is. I know just what you mean about taking the time to go out of town to find fabric. The nearest shopping to me is 60 miles and sometimes the thought of a couple hours in the car not getting anything done keeps me home :))))