Thursday, September 11, 2014

Giving The Front Of The House a DIY Update Painting Project

It wasn't that many years ago that we painted our house and all the trim.  That included the front porch areas of our house.  The house was built originally around 1926 but added on and remodeled in the 1930s which gives it the Arts & Craft architectural look.
We replaced the rotting square columns with round columns; and the concrete steps and front porch had flaking gray concrete paint.  When choosing our paint color, which is a sage green, I picked white and black trim. But after completing the paint job, I realized the front needed a punch of color so selected a dark red for the porch paint.  The porch faces south and gets all the driving winds and rains resulting in the porch was looking pretty shabby lately.  Time for a color boost.

I went into the garage looking, hopefully for a paint can left over with the original color name.  I was in luck because I not only had a can but it was 3/4 full.  I recalled the original painting took 2 coats so I must have purchased 2 gallons of paint, only using 1 gallon and part of the one left over.  Lucky me, I saved myself some money by being able to use what I had left over.
I took everything off the porch, washed it down and waited for it to completely dry.  I have two concrete planters that weigh a good 100 pounds each filled with dirt and plants.  Frank put them up on blocks so I could paint underneath them.  When the porch was dry, I started painting.  I had really thought it would take me about 3 hours.  After I cut in around the side of the house and front door, I rounded up a good new roller and pan and finished up the main surface and part of the steps.  I used my paint brush to get the risers of the steps and the corners where the steps meet the side walk which is NOT painted.  It turned out pretty well and only took 1 hour.
Then I realized that my dogs go to the front door to be let in if the back door is closed.  Back to the garage again and I found the collapsible gates we used to use to keep the grand kids out of areas that were dangerous for them.
After looking at the wicker furniture that was on the porch, I realized they needed a coat of paint too.  Back to the garage to see if I happen to have some spray cans of gloss black.  I had a can and Frank found one in his shop too.  Since the chairs had already been painted several times, the two cans were enough to paint them and the Antique French Plant Stand I have had for over 45 years.
Letting everything dry for another day, I removed the gates, put the furniture back on the porch and looked back to admire.  Now the fabric on the chair pillows looked faded and shabby and the front door needed something.
That night I went on line to Joanns and found some really cute outdoor fabric, on sale and ordered what I needed for $20.  In the mean time, I found a galvanized bucket, flat on one side and filled it with silk flowers.
 Within a couple of days, the fabric arrived thanks to the marvel of the Internet, I never needed to leave home!!!  I spent a few hours sewing up some cushions and viola, the front porch is fun, inviting and a fresh look to bring in the future fall decorations.
I tried a couple different containers for door arrangement, one a wicker basket, the other the galvanized bucket.  What do you think?
This last photo is taken around the time the Finnie Family, (original family owners of our house from the 1920's- 1980s) remodeled house in the 1930s.  Don't you just love old houses?  There is really something special about an old house and charm, you just can't reproduce it.

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Richmond Gordon said...

So much for the shabby-looking porch! You gave it a big boost with just a few coats of paint. Your house looks great, by the way. It’s still looks as gorgeous as it was during the 1920s. Kudos to you for managing to maintain its classic charm all through the years. Have a nice day!

Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro Painters