Sunday, August 17, 2014

Windmill Farm-Farmer's Market for Teacher's Appreciation

Can you believe that many schools are starting up again already?  Our daughter and a friend put together a great idea to show PTO-parent's appreciation to the teachers at the grand kid's school. A help yourself - Farmer's Market and asked us if we could provide the produce. Of course we would!
It was so much fun setting up in the teacher's break room which Celli and fellow parent helped transform it into a boundiful feast of vegetables and fruits. 
Our flowers and basil helped make our zucchini, egg plant, tomatoes, peppers, peaches, pluots, strawberries look like a real Farmer's Market.
The unique idea spurred a great flood of appreciation from the school staff and teachers to want to have it happen again.  After putting this together, our daughter was asked to have her and our farm put on a "Wellness" display this fall and again in Spring of the various fruits and vegetables and herbs that may be in season during those times.  And we were asked by another school to do the same presentation of Farmer's Market-Teacher's Appreciation Back To School event this coming Wednesday in Roseville.  Will have a very busy week as we also have our CSA basket delivery on Wednesday; the Farmer's Market display on Wednesday; AND a special flower display at the Gridley Fairgrounds for Taste of the Time.
We will be burning picking, washing, sorting, packing well into the night Monday and Tuesday.  Can't wait to show you the photos of the finished products next time.
Our little cuties going back to school.
Bella says where is my dinner!!

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